Car Accident Lawyer Memphis, TNCar Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Have you been injured in an auto accident? Are you trying to figure out how you will cover the costs of your medical care, while at the same time, coping with the inability to work? Perhaps you are concerned about losing your job position or your rental because, after the accident, you can no longer afford it. This is a common scenario that many accident victims face. As a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, we, at Patterson Bray understand what you are going through and would like to help you. 

For years, our firm has been acting as the voice and legal advocate for car accident victims. We know that insurance companies have a tendency to take advantage of you and we don’t want that to happen. Let us listen to your story and help you to decide whether you have a case. Call our Memphis, Tennessee car accident lawyers now. 

Auto Accident Legislation

In general, a car accident will leave it’s traces. This physical evidence can be very useful to an injury claim; thus, should be gathered as quickly as possible. A car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can help you investigate the scene of the accident, talk with eyewitnesses, review the police report, and determine who was at fault. If, through the available evidence and data, it is found that another party caused you to crash, you may be able to pursue a civil claim for compensation. No two accidents are exactly alike, and some are very difficult to prove. For this reason, you should not pursue a case without the help of a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer. 

Examples of Negligence

An experienced car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN will need to prove the collision was a result of negligence. This is a broad term, but in the case of car accidents, there are common factors that often indicate this careless or reckless behavior:

  • Failure to signal
  • Driving in the wrong lane
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring road hazards
  • Driving too fast in poor weather conditions
  • Ignoring stop signs
  • Driving while impaired
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving while distracted

In some cases, reckless driving may have contributed to the accident. In the event this is true, a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN might choose to include both negligence and reckless driving in the claim. Although similar, there are differences, and a greater amount of compensation may be available. It is also possible for police to issue a traffic ticket or citation to the negligent driver. Rest assured, this should not affect your ability to file a claim. 

When No Other Party Caused Your Accident

Sometimes a car accident will involve no other cars or drivers. In this case, you might wonder whether you can still file a claim. In short, it depends on the circumstances of what happened. It is certainly possible for a vehicular defect, malfunction, or road defect to have caused the accident. A car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can review your case to rule out whether this is a factor. 

If you would like to speak with a Memphis, Tennessee car accident lawyer, please call Patterson Bray now.