On the Job Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

How can an on the job accident lawyer help me in Memphis, TN?

On the Job Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

As an on the job accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, from Patterson Bray, may tell you, many workplace accidents range from minor to relatively minor. Papercuts and similar minor injuries are not likely to qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. However, other workplace injuries are not minor at all and may in fact be permanent or even fatal. Though workers’ comp benefits in Memphis, TN may suit many employees who suffer an accident injury while on the job, they are usually insufficient for catastrophic or fatal injuries. As a result, if they do not have an on the job Memphis, TN accident lawyer representing them, they will likely be unable to afford the medical care they need to treat their injury. At Patterson Bray, we have seen this scenario over and over again. Call us to schedule a free consultation with our on the job Memphis, TN accident lawyer to discuss your case and learn how we can help you.

Does everyone qualify for workers’ compensation benefits?

No. Persons who are not employees of the company, such as contractors or third-party workers usually do not qualify to receive workers’ compensation benefits for their workplace injury. However, there are alternative options for seeking fair compensation outside of the workers’ compensation benefits system. Our on the job accident lawyer in Memphis, TN assists injured workers across Tennessee to get the benefits they deserve by filing injury claims on their behalf and directly recovering their damages. If you were hurt while performing job duties but do not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits, contact us. We may be able to recover your damages, despite how costly they may be. In the event you were injured while working on a construction site, it may be a good idea to consult a construction accident lawyer Memphis, TN workers can count on for legal advice. 

What if my workers’ compensation benefits are denied after I file a claim for my injury?

There are many reasons why a claim for workers’ compensation benefits could be denied, but very often the decision is reversible when the requirements are newly met or sufficient documentation is provided. An on the job accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, from Patterson Bray, has a thorough understanding of workplace liability laws that affect injured workers, as well as employers. As a result, when a company or their workers’ compensation benefits insurer unfairly denies a claim, we will act swiftly and aggressively to protect the rights of our client to recover their damages. If they refuse to offer our client a fair settlement, we are prepared to take them to court and pursue a civil action against them. They are legally required to act in good faith and as a result are often reluctant to enter the courtroom. In this way, our Memphis, TN on the job accident lawyer has been greatly successful in obtaining substantial and fair settlements for our clients.

To learn more about how our on the job accident lawyer can help you recover your damages, contact our Memphis, TN office to schedule a free and confidential case review. Call Patterson Bray, now.