Scooter Accident Lawyer Memphis

Scooter Accident Lawyer Memphis

In Tennessee, a Scooter Accident Lawyer from Memphis at Patterson Bray has seen how more people than perhaps ever before are getting injured due to E-scooters. These scooters you can rent by the minute or hour, and can be parked or picked up anywhere within that city. While the convenience of these E-scooters is quite appealing to consumers, the scooter companies are not putting the best interests of the riders first. Riders can get seriously hurt from falls or getting hit by vehicle drivers. 

If you or someone you care about sustained an injury from an E-scooter fall or accident, you can rely on a Memphis Scooter Accident Lawyer in TN for help getting compensation for recovery. Please call us today to get started right away. 

Companies Pushing For Scooter Presence

It probably isn’t a coincidence that E-scooter companies put their scooters out for public use in several cities across America before local traffic laws could be changed to accommodate their new presence on roadways. A Memphis, TN Scooter Accident Lawyer knows that these scooters can be a cheap and fun way to get around town, but there are serious risks that riders face every time they hop on.

Due to these dangers, some cities have ordered for E-scooters to be eradicated entirely. But, seeing the profit that they would be missing out on, these companies have pushed to let their electronic products remain on city streets.

Laws for E-Scooters

E-scooters are a fairly new method of getting around town, so laws have not yet regulated their use. Some states have begun to pass laws that protect E-scooter rides while preventing occurrence of tragic accidents. Overall, E-scooters must abide by the same laws as E-bicycles. But, regulations on a nationwide level about regulating these E-scooters hasn’t happened yet.

Not every state has established laws pertaining to E-scooters. So, these scooters can basically be used anywhere on trails, streets, and other public pathways without the necessity of registration, insurance, or a license.

Although, as more E-scooter accidents happen a Scooter Accident Lawyer in Memphis is anticipating the laws being changed in upcoming years. Until then, the best we can do is help victims overcome such accidents.

A Memphis personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray is dedicated to supporting victims during their healing and recovery, and is happy to meet with victims of E-scooter accidents for a free case evaluation if they want to know more information. 

Common Injuries for E-Scooters

Depending on how the E-scooter rider fell, he or she may sustain a wide range of injuries. For example, if a rider was hit by a car, then injuries like head trauma, broken bones, fractured pelvis, and road rash are likely. Unfortunately, because E-scooter rides aren’t required to wear helmets, the increased chances of a fatality occurring is ever present. 

Victims of E-scooter accidents are encouraged to talk with a Scooter Accident Lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee from Patterson Bray immediately for a case evaluation and support as financial compensation is sought.