3 Common Injuries In Car Accidents

Being in a car accident is serious and is so much more than just an inconvenience. People can get seriously hurt and may even lose their lives because of being part of a car accident. Vehicle collisions can happen almost anywhere and can involve various types of motor vehicles, such as trucks, passenger cars, motorcycles, and more. The injuries sustained during a car accident can range from minor to more severe injury that requires immediate medical attention. If you were just in a car accident and sustained an injury, then you need to get yourself to the nearest hospital for treatment. By hesitating in getting medical care, it not only affects your ability to recover quickly, but it can hinder your odds at receiving fair compensation. 

Concussion and Brain Injury

When a car accident happens, there is a rapid and sudden force being applied to the body. From that, a person may suffer a concussion or other head related injury. These injuries are sustained often due to a rapid forward and backward jerking motion of the neck, hitting the steering wheel or window, or otherwise being hit in the head by an object or the interior of the car. Symptoms of concussions and brain injuries can include nausea, vomiting, personality or mood changes, loss of consciousness, confusion, and more. Due to how severe a head injury can be, medical attention should not be delayed. 

Broken Bones, Wounds, and Burns

A person who was involved in an accident may sustain a broken bone due to the force of impact. Broken bones usually require medical intervention, surgery, a cast, pain medication, and a prolonged recovery period. Wounds can develop from shattered glass shards, being ejected from the vehicle and hitting the pavement, or burns due to contact with hot surfaces or fires. Someone with serious burns may also have to deal with scarring and disfigurement for the rest of their lives.

Mental Anguish and Fears

Anyone who has been in a car accident can probably attest to the fact that they are awful experiences to go through. In fact, car accidents cause major inconveniences to a person’s life, and can even cause them to suffer financially. Mental anguish and newly-developed fears surrounding driving or getting into a car again is normal for victims. Someone may need to see a therapist and receive mental health support in order to overcome the difficult emotions they are experiencing because of the accident. 

When consulting with your lawyer, like a car accident attorney. Your lawyer will use this information to calculate a monetary award for how much you should receive in your car accident case. The at-fault driver may owe you restitution for your physical injury, mental health, pain and suffering, property damage, and other ways you have suffered. 


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