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An experienced business lawyer Memphis, TN trusts doesn’t have to tell you that  businesses face challenges every day. Owners and managers are constantly juggling issues related to customers, suppliers, employees, competitors, and government regulators – just to name a few. Our clients expect and deserve legal counsel who can deliver creative yet practical advice, and we value their trust and confidence.

We counsel a variety of clients, including many of the region’s largest companies, but we particularly value and cultivate relationships with small to medium sized business clients, entrepreneurs, private individual clients, and closely held businesses. We, as a top business lawyer Memphis, TN deserves, strive to become their trusted advisors and partners by becoming deeply knowledgeable about our clients’ core business opportunities, market threats, risk tolerances, management styles, and business needs. Our goal is to effectively serve in what amounts to the role of in-house general counsel, but without the full-time expense.

In a complex world where business increasingly intersects with the law, it can be difficult for a business to know what particular area of legal expertise is required, much less find the right specialist. They simply know they have a problem that requires a solution. Whether faced with a valuable opportunity, or a complex dispute that threatens to disrupt their core business, our clients turn to us for strategic advice, answers, and direction. We carefully listen in order to determine overall business objectives so that we can effectively collaborate with them to formulate a strategy specifically tailored to meet their long-term needs and goals. Sometimes that means performing the legal work ourselves, but in some cases it may mean being confident enough to identify a specialist outside our firm, and then collaborating with the client and co-counsel toward the right solution. Our clients are most profitable when they are free to concentrate on their business. They place great value on having an experienced business lawyer Memphis, TN trusts who knows their business and who is there to coordinate their legal efforts and serve as a single-point resource for explaining and protecting their interests.

At Patterson Bray, we also understand that it is better to avoid a problem than ultimately to win a lawsuit. A skilled business lawyer Memphis, TN respects on our team can assist with claims handling and risk management efforts, and we have experience providing workshops, seminars, and other preventive medicine to help clients manage their exposure.

While not intended to be exhaustive, we routinely assist our clients in the following sample areas:

  • Asset protection
  • Employee relations
  • EEOC proceedings
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Contract review and/or drafting
  • Lease negotiation
  • Navigating shareholder, member, and/or partner disputes
  • Insurance issues
  • Planning for business succession
  • Risk management
  • Business litigation
  • Joint ventures
  • Zoning issues

How Can Business Counseling Guarantee My Family’s Financial Future?

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is to diligently plan and save for financial security – including future financial security – but they fail to implement any kind of plan to protect those assets that they have worked so hard to amass. Without any type of plan in place, they are left vulnerable to asset seizure in the even they lose a lawsuit, are pursued by creditors, or face some other business or financial crisis. This is why it is so critical to obtain business counseling from a company like Patterson Bray PLLC. Our firm can play a pivotal role in guiding you through this process, providing the help you need to ensure your have protected your family’s financial future.

Critical Financial Protection

Our legal team has worked with many clients in implementing strategies for protecting assets. Some of the most common benefits of legally protecting assets include the following:

  • Asset protection from creditors
  • Asset protection from divorce settlements
  • Asset protection from excessive medical bills when no health insurance or limited health insurance coverage exists
  • Asset protection from lawsuits
  • Asset protection from nursing home or other assisted living facility
  • Business asset protection from lawsuits, creditors, or other claims
  • Inheritance protection for adult children from divorce and/or creditors

Our attorneys provide business counseling and develop strategies that are specifically developed for each client depending on their particular situation and the circumstances of their business and finances. For example, some of the common tools our business attorney use in helping clients protect their assets include trusts and Family Limited Partnerships (FLP).

There are several different types of trusts that can be utilized to protecting assets, including:

  • Revocable trusts
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Special needs trusts
  • Bypass trusts
  • Marital trusts
  • Generation skipping trusts
  • Charitable trusts
  • Life insurance trusts
  • Spendthrift trusts
  • Testamentary Trusts

With a FLP, family members can pool their assets in order to run a business project. Each member purchases shares or units of the business and their profits are determined by the number of shares they own. A FLP also has a partnership operating agreement, just like any other business.

Other business counseling options our attorneys also discuss with clients include examining the different types of retirement accounts they may qualify for to ensure that they are maximizing the contributions made to their pension, 401(k), and IRAs. This not only benefits the client in increasing the amount of money they will have saved when they retire, but it also protects those assets in the event a creditor wins a judgment against the client or they lose any other type of lawsuit.

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“Small businesses face numerous challenges on a day to day basis, but our founding partners recently encountered a situation substantially more difficult and emotionally charged than anything we’d previously faced in our company’s history. Upon our initial consultation with Mr. Wiseman, we left with not only a sense of comfort in our selection of attorneys, but a very clear path about the plan to move forward. Throughout the process, Mr. Wiseman was extremely responsive, professional, and provided timely advice to each of us in guiding us through very difficult circumstances. Ultimately, the process went much more smoothly than I could have ever imagined primarily due to the guidance we received in helping to maintain our composure while keeping us focused on the end objective. We consider our relationship with Patterson Bray to be a key business alliance as we move forward, and we will call on them for all of our legal needs in the future.”


Rick Moseley
Jabezco Industrial Group, Inc.