Child Custody Lawyer Memphis, TN

Child Custody Lawyer Memphis, TN

When a couple is going through a Tennessee divorce, it does not matter how “friendly” the process is, if the couple has children, that friendly divorce can quickly turn into a contentious child custody battle. It is perfectly understandable, after all, both parents will be losing some time with their child, whether they share custody, or one parent has primary custody and the other a set visitation schedule. If you are going through custody issues, contact a child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN to find out what your legal options may be. They can discuss your situation and decide what your best legal options are. In the meantime, the following is a brief overview of how custody laws work. 

Types of Custody

There are two areas of custody that need to be decided when parents are splitting up:

  •       Legal custody: This custody determines who will make all the major decisions regarding the child’s medical, education, religion, and other important issues. The court can give both parents joint legal custody, meaning both parents have equal say and need to decide together. The court could also decide to grant only one parent sole legal custody, meaning that parent would be the one to make those decisions.
  •       Physical custody: This custody determines which parent the child lives with. Just like legal custody, the court could decide to grant joint legal custody where the child would live with both parents for periods of time (not necessarily equal) or the court could decide that the child will live with one parent and the other parent will have a visitation schedule.

The court can decide any combination of child custody and visitation it deems is in the best interest of the child.

Different Types of Visitation

Any parent who has physical custody less than half of the time will likely have visitation. As a Memphis, TN child custody lawyer can explain, there are four different types of visitation schedules the court could issue:

Visitation according to schedule: When the court uses this method for visitation, there is a schedule in place in order to avoid any scheduling issues between parents. Most of these types of schedules will also address holidays, school vacations, birthdays, and other special occasions.

Reasonable visitation: This method of visitation schedule is more flexible and works best if both parents get along and are able to communicate with each other. It requires parents to be open to changes and to work together.

Supervised visitation: If there are issues as to whether or not the child’s health and safety could be in jeopardy if the child is left alone with the noncustodial parent, the court can order supervised visitation. This type of visitation is typically ordered when the parent has a substance abuse issue, has a history of abuse, or the child has not seen the parent for some time. The court will decide who the appropriate “supervisor” will be. It is not uncommon for the state’s department of children’s services to be involved in the supervision.

No visitation: There are cases where the child’s emotional and physical well-being would be at risk if they were to be around the noncustodial parent. In these situations, the court will often order no visitation at all.

Contact Our Office for Legal Assistance

If you are having any type of child custody issue – either the need for a new custody order or modification to an existing one – call Patterson Bray PLLC to schedule a free consultation with a Memphis, TN child custody lawyer.

At Patterson Bray we have a unique team of highly trained and experienced professionals that offer a diverse and yet complementary range of services. We have handled a broad range of family law cases, including divorce, child support, child custody and other matters. Our team has delivered excellent results for many clients. No matter how complex your case is, our team has the knowledge and skills to evaluate your case carefully and find out what legal strategies will be suitable. The clients of Patterson Bray depend on us to be their strategic partners and advisors, and it doesn’t matter if they are faced with an invaluable opportunity or complex challenge or dispute were going to be there. Patterson Bray focuses on solving problems and we enjoy that role.

So if you find yourself in need of a child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN reach out to a law firm that you can trust. If you are struggling with a child custody case, a lawyer will provide legal support so that you can obtain the information that you need. Learn more about how you can receive personalized legal help by giving us a call today.

However you may have questions about child custody law in Tennessee, so we’re going to touch on some frequently asked questions such as Tennessee state law on child custody, joint custody, child visitation, to file for joint custody, unmarried, equal time, shared parenting and more.

What does sole custody mean in Tennessee state law on child custody?

Traditionally sole custody means that the parent who has more time with the children and was granted sole decision-making authority over the children will keep the children. However sole custody does not exist in the same way as it used to, and is considered not to be a meaningful legal term in Tennessee law. In 2001 Tennessee created a parenting plan law, which forced sole custody as a legal term to change to primary residential parent or PRP. PRP means something different than sole custody, and the primary residential parent focuses on the parent with whom the child is going to live more time with than the other parent. The other parent is considered the alternative residential parent. 

What does full custody mean?

Traditionally full custody means roughly the same thing as sole custody. In general most apparent willful custody and has the absolute right to make all parenting decisions for their children. In the same general sense the legal custodial parent was the parent with most of not all final decision-making authority. The parent was so custody or full custody meant that the parent had both physical and legal custody. This type of custody also no longer exists as a meaningful legal term in Tennessee.

When Tennessee created permanent parenting plans, which stated in 2001, the legal terms that were used to describe custody concepts completely changed. In addition to changing custodial parent and noncustodial parent the primary residential parent to an alternative residential parent, legal visitation was changed to parenting time or residential time. Each parent enjoys parenting time or residential time when a child is in the parents’ care.

Child custody lawyers in Memphis, TN may still be heard to use the term such as so custody or full custody, however any good lawyer is going to understand that those terms are no longer relevant to the situation. They will continue to use updated terminology and ensure that you understand that these terms of change to become other terms that are more inclusive.

What is a child custody lawyer?

Going through a child custody dispute with your spouse as well as divorce is tough for anyone to go through. If you are going through a separation or divorce, it is important to understand what role a child custody lawyer will play in your case. A child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN can help protect your rights as a parent and ensure that the best interests of your children are taken into account. It is important to have good legal support if you are going through a child custody case. They will vigorously fight on your behalf so that you can achieve the best outcome possible. 

Children’s custody lawyers are professionals who specialize in divorce law and family law with the purpose of determining which parent has the most appropriate living arrangements with their children. Cases involving child custody can be incredibly challenging for everyone involved. However, because there are often disagreements on how custody should be arranged, it can take a long time to find the right solution. Based on factors such as proximity to schools, the best interests of the child, and parental abilities, the lawyer will determine what makes a good custodian. 

One of the most important decisions you will make is child custody. Determining who will have custody of your children and how that arrangement will work can be difficult, but with the help of a child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN, you can ensure that what is best for your children is taken into account. It is not always easy to determine exactly what is best for your child. Having a lawyer can be beneficial because you have an unbiased third party who is also there to be your legal advocate. Child custody lawyers can help you negotiate parenting agreements, represent you in court if needed, and help protect your rights as a parent. If you are facing a child custody dispute, it is important to consult with a qualified attorney who can guide you through the process and advocate for what is best for your children.

Prior to attending your consultation, write down all of your questions so that you can share them with the child custody lawyer. You will want to make sure that you understand the information that the lawyer gives you, and that you don’t leave anything out. Use this time to address any concerns that you have. Your time is limited, so don’t leave anything out. Take this time to share any important facts about your situation with the lawyer so that they understand the nature of your case. 

A child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN can be difficult to find because there are many different types of lawyers who specialize in this area. To find the right child custody lawyer for you, consider your needs and the circumstances of your situation. In addition to their qualifications, ask the lawyer about what types of cases they have handled. The most suitable lawyer for you is one that has assisted clients whose cars are similar to yours.  However, once you have found one it is important to have them present during your court hearing because they know all about how the legal system works and can help you decide what’s best for your specific situation.

Memphis Child Custody Infographic

Child Custody Infographic

Why hire Patterson Bray as your child custody lawyer in Memphis

A lot of parents are faced with the difficult task of deciding who they want to have custody of their children. When both spouses have vastly different views on what a custody arrangement should look like, it adds even more complications to an ongoing divorce. When you are dealing with child custody, you must focus on your child’s best interests and develop a custody arrangement that is fair for everyone involved. Hiring a child custody lawyer can help you preserve your parental rights. It’s important to hire an attorney that can help you navigate these tricky waters, and Patterson Bray is here for you. We understand how hard this decision is for each client individually. Some people may not be able to make a choice themselves, so we make sure they find someone who will listen to them and give them all the information needed in order for them to make an informed decision.

At Patterson Bray our goal is to provide each client with personalized attention throughout their case. We are not like other firms and are willing to take the time to understand what your situation demands and needs. As our client, we want to take your preferences into account so that we can deliver the best possible solution. We understand the emotional stress involved in these cases, which is why we work hard to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible while still achieving the desired outcome. 

When you hire us as your child custody lawyer Memphis, TN, we will take care of everything from start to finish so that you don’t have to worry about anything at all. Child custody cases can be incredibly tough, and finding the right solution is not easy. We understand that family law cases can be stressful and highly emotional. When the stakes are so high, it is important that you are able to obtain the outcome that you want. Not only does the outcome affect you, but your child as well. Our team has extensive experience handling cases like yours, and they will use that knowledge to ensure that your case gets resolved quickly and efficiently. We also offer free consultations.

Divorce is a difficult process, but we are here to assist you through it. We take care of your needs and concerns, whether it’s a motion or hearing at mediation, we have plenty of experience handling these types of cases so don’t worry about being unprepared! No matter how difficult things may seem now, our team will always be able to assist you by working alongside each other as friends rather than rivals.

Call now for a free consultation with our experienced child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN.

“Controlling” the Construction of Your Co-Parenting Arrangement

If you and your child’s other parent hope to keep your family situation as amicable as possible and you both plan to remain active participants in parenting your child, you’ll likely be required to craft a formal co-parenting arrangement commonly known as a parenting plan. Unlike contentious child custody disputes that must be settled via judicial intervention, negotiating the terms of your parenting plan with your co-parent will allow you both to “control” your co-parenting relationship without leaving the particulars of this arrangement up to a judge.

If you and your co-parent agree on the basics of your arrangement, you can connect with a Memphis, TN child custody lawyer to finalize the details and formalize your paperwork. If you and your co-parent need to work through some disagreements, our firm can help you to mediate, negotiate, or otherwise navigate these disagreements until—if possible—you land on a manageable arrangement without intervention. With that said, if you and your child’s other parent cannot bridge your differences, our firm can build the strongest possible case on your behalf to be argued in front of a judge.

Constructing a Manageable Parenting Plan

All parenting plans must be constructed with “the best interests of the child” standard in mind. This standard will be utilized by a judge to settle any disputes, should they arise. Therefore, you should construct your parenting agreement with this standard in mind from the start.

A child custody lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust can help you to construct a legally enforceable document that meets your family’s needs and is centered on your child’s best interests. It is important to address subjects that will allow you to set expectations and minimize future sources of tension within the scope of your parenting plan. For example, in addition to outlining on which days your child will reside with each parent, you can detail how holidays and special occasions will be managed. Setting firm enough expectations that everyone can plan but with enough flexibility built in to allow “life to happen” is an ideal yet challenging balance to achieve. Our Memphis, TN child custody lawyer team can help you to hit that sweet spot.

Modifying a Parenting Plan

The law recognizes that a child’s best interests can evolve over time. Therefore, if you and your co-parent agree to modify your parenting plan at any time, you may do so without judicial intervention, provided that you agree on the particulars of the modification and work with our team to formalize them properly. If you or your co-parent ever wishes to modify your parenting arrangement in ways that the other doesn’t agree to, you may only do so when a significant change in circumstances warrants the shift. This standard is employed so that parents don’t drag each other back into court over every possible disagreement that they may have with each other.

Seeking Legal Guidance Proactively

When it comes to child custody matters, it is important to be as proactive as possible. Child custody challenges can be stressful. Working with the experienced Tennessee team at Patterson Bray PLLC in a proactive fashion will help to ensure that unnecessary and preventable stresses are minimized.

Child custody cases are often the most emotionally challenging cases a family law attorney can handle. The issues of child custody, visitation and child support are some of the most important issues that need to be addressed in your divorce.

Fortunately, Patterson Bray PLLC has an extensive team of talented child custody lawyers in Memphis, TN with decades of experience representing clients with these types of issues. We have represented countless clients in court hearings and trials where we have successfully argued for our clients to obtain primary or shared custody.

Whether you’re about to become divorced or are involved in another contentious and emotional family law matter, such as a dispute over child custody and visitation, we urge you to consult with an experienced lawyer from our firm.

Memphis Child Custody Law Statistics

According to statistics released by the Institute for Family Studies (IFS), there are fewer custodial fathers in the United States than non-custodial fathers. Approximately 2.6 million fathers (8 percent of all fathers living with their children) have custody of approximately 4 million children. Conversely, there are about 10.3 custodial mothers (25 percent of mothers living with their children) who have custody of just under 18 million children.

What is a child custody lawyer?

A child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN helps parents negotiate custody and visitation rights for their children. If you and the other parent can’t agree on custody, you’ll need to go to court, and a judge will decide for you. In some cases, you may want to hire a child custody lawyer to represent you in court. However, in some cases, mediation may be better than going to court because mediation is less formal, takes less time and is less expensive than going to court.

They generally handle both physical custody (where the child lives most of the time) and legal custody (who is allowed to make major decisions for the children).

At Patterson Bray PLLC, we understand that when it comes to your children, you want what’s best for them and no one understands that better than us. Our child custody lawyers in Memphis, TN are well-equipped to represent you in any and all matters related to child custody and support.

How Can a Child Custody Lawyer Help?

There are many situations in which you may need the help of a child custody lawyer. Perhaps you and your co-parent have been unable to agree on child custody issues. You may be facing an emergency situation in which one parent is threatening to leave with the children or you are facing another serious problem with your ex-partner.

A child custody lawyer can:

  • Negotiate a legal agreement for physical and legal custody
  • Establish paternity or guardianship rights
  • Find adoption services

Another common reason for hiring a child custody lawyer in Memphis, TN is because you want to make sure that your rights as a parent are protected. Courts often assume that it’s best for both parents to share joint legal custody of their children, but this isn’t always true. A skilled child custody lawyer from Patterson Bray PLLC can help ensure that your rights as a parent remain intact during the divorce process.

You should contact a child custody lawyer from Patterson Bray PLLC if you have any concerns about the safety of your children or your ability to care for them properly. At Patterson Bray PLLC, we take pride in our responsiveness to each client.

Whether you’re facing complex property issues or simply need help establishing paternity, our attorneys will work hard to ensure your rights are protected at every stage of the legal process. Contact us today for a consultation with an experienced child custody lawyer from Patterson Bray PLLC. 



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