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Personal Injury Claims

A personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN is someone who represents people who have suffered because of the negligent or reckless behavior of someone else, or that of an entity such as a company or a government agency. If you have been injured because of someone’s neglect or reckless behavior, you may find it helpful to talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer who has helped people in situations similar to yours. When you enlist the help of a Memphis personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray you can count on us to aggressively fight those who wronged you. We will also treat you and your family with the care and respect you deserve.

Personal Injuries

The injuries or conditions that someone has sustained because of the neglect or reckless behavior of others may be temporary or permanent. These injuries and conditions can appear immediately because of a particular event, or they may occur gradually over a long period of time. The injuries and conditions themselves can be relatively mild or they can be life-changing. In the most extreme cases, someone’s death can be caused by someone else’s negligence or reckless behavior.

If you have been injured because of someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing, you may be in need of an experienced personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN. There are many situations where you may be entitled to compensation if you are injured or unwell because of what someone else did or did not do.

    • You may be concerned about mounting medical bills and lost wages.
    • You may be concerned about future earning ability, and the loss of mobility and/or abilities.
  • You may be in pain and/or suffering because of the loss of a loved one, or because you are witnessing your loved one’s pain and suffering.

It can be scary to face the reality of your situation if you or someone close to you is suffering. Having a compassionate and reputable personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN on your side can help you to make informed decisions about what legal options to pursue.

Common Causes of Injury

If you were injured because of negligent or reckless behavior, you may be entitled to compensation. You may find some relief in knowing that someone else is dealing with the legal aspects of your situation so that you can focus on healing and trying to get back to your regular routines. Incidents that often qualify for a personal injury claim with the help of a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN include but are not limited to:

  • Auto accidents / Motor vehicle accidents
  • Pedestrian/bicycle accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Premises liability
  • Medical malpractice/medical errors
  • Nursing home abuse
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Construction site accidents
  • Defective or dangerous product
  • Workplace incidents
  • Construction accidents
  • Dangerous drugs
  • A dog bite or animal attacks
  • Wrongful death

There is a wide range of injuries and conditions that can result from the causes above. Your Memphis personal injury lawyer can tell you if your injury qualifies for a claim. Some of the most common include but are not limited to:

  • Broken bones and lacerations
  • Concussions and head injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Amputation
  • Burns
  • Paralysis
  • Heart conditions
  • Lung conditions
  • Cancer
  • Disease

Types of Damages

When a victim files a personal injury claim, there are different types of damages they may be able to collect. Your personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN locals turn to can explain to you the types of damages you may be entitled to, but in general, these damages include:

  • Medical expenses: All injury treatment costs are covered under a personal injury claim. This includes not only past expenses, but all future expenses if the injury has left the victim with a permanent disability. These expenses can include doctor’s visits, surgeries, medication, medical equipment, and physical therapy.
  • Lost Wages: It is not uncommon for injured victims to be unable to work while they recover from their injury. A personal injury settlement can cover the amount of income the victim has lost. They may also be able to cover the loss of future income if the injury leaves them with a permanent disability that prevents them from working.
  • Other Losses: A victim can also be awarded damages for the pain and suffering the injury caused them, as well as the emotional anguish they may have had to deal with because of the situation. Depending on the long-term effects, a victim may also receive compensation for the loss of the ability to perform daily activities and loss of consortium. A personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN can evaluate your case and determine what losses you have that you can pursue damages for.

If you or someone close to you is suffering because of someone else’s neglect or reckless behavior, call Patterson Bray today at 901.372.5003 for a free case evaluation with a respected Memphis, Tennessee personal injury lawyer.

Is there any other basis for personal injury liability besides negligence?

A personal injury claim usually hinges on the fact that the injured party’s pain and suffering was caused by the other party’s negligence. For example, in a slip and fall claim, the person who fell and got hurt was the result of the property owner’s negligence. In a car accident, the driver who was injured was hit by a driver who was not exercising reasonable care on the road. In most cases, once negligence is proven, the injured party can begin negotiating a settlement claim.

What is negligence?

Negligence is the failure to take proper care when performing an action. Legally speaking, negligence is determined by comparing one person’s actions to that of a competent, typical person of similar circumstances. For example, if a driver runs a red light and hits another driver, they were negligent because they did not follow the rules of the road in a way that any competent person with a driver’s license would have.

How do you prove someone was negligent?

In order to prove that the other party involved in the accident was negligent, the plaintiff must prove five things.

    1. The defendant owed a duty to the plaintiff. That simply means that the defendant was expected to act in a certain way toward the defendant.
    1. Proving that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty is not enough. Then, they must prove that the defendant breached that duty by failing to exercise reasonable care.
    1. Then, the plaintiff must prove that the breach of duty is the direct cause of their injuries.
    1. They must then identify the scope of the defendant’s responsibility. In other words, the defendant can only be held responsible for harms that they could have foreseen.
  1. Finally, the plaintiff must prove that the injuries caused resulted in actual damages such as medical bills, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of a job, and so forth.

But is negligence the only basis for a personal injury claim?

While negligence is the most common basis for a personal injury claim, it is not the only one. There are two other ways that you can prove that another party or entity is liable for your personal injury.

Strict liability is another way to prove liability for an injury that was caused by designers and manufacturers. When a person is injured as a result of defective products, they do not have to establish the negligence of the manufacturer. They can instead show that the product that caused the injury was designed or manufactured in a way that made it dangerous when it was used as intended.

Intentional wrongs is another, more rarely utilized, the basis of personal injury claims. For example, if someone intentionally hit you, they can be sued for personal injury by way of battery. The person who injured you can be criminally liable and civilly liable.

When You Need a Memphis Personal Injury Lawyer

A seasoned personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN clients recommend being aware that when a person has been injured in an accident, not only are they dealing with the recovery of that injury, but they often face financial stress caused by medical expenses and loss of income from being unable to work. These factors can feel even more stressful when the injury was caused by another party’s negligence.

At Patterson Bray, we have been fighting for injured victims for decades and work aggressively to get our clients the financial compensation they deserve for the losses their injuries have caused. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, we are happy to discuss your situation and how we may be able to help.

Personal Injury Claims

Under Tennessee law, when a person’s injuries are caused as a result of the negligent or reckless behaviors of another person or entity, then the victim has the right to financial compensation for the losses they have suffered as a result of the injury. This compensation is typically paid for by the at-fault party’s insurance company, however, there are instances where a personal injury attorney may also pursue other legal options, such as property or other assets the at-fault party owns. The personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust Patterson Bray will determine what the best legal course of action is based on the circumstances of your case.

When you or a loved one is in need of a Memphis personal injury lawyer, consider calling Patterson Bray at 901.372.5003. We have a team of seasoned lawyers who have helped thousands of personal injury victims recover compensatory damages from those who hurt them. We may be able to help you as well. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss the specifics of your situation with a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN. If we cannot negotiate a settlement on your behalf or win your suit in court, we will not charge you for representation. We have helped many clients who suffered from the following:

A Personal Injury From a Dwelling or Apartment Crime

Sadly, even in one’s home it’s possible to be a victim of crime. All too often it results in a serious injury for the victim. A Memphis personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray may be able to help you recover your damages, including pain and suffering, from the person responsible. Even if the perpetrator is convicted of criminal charges, you have the right to sue them in civil court. In the most severe cases, the jury may award punitive damages in addition to your accident losses. Talk to one of our attorneys if you were a victim of an assault in the area of your home or in your house.

A Personal Injury From a Defective Product

Did you sustain a serious injury from a defective product? From food poisoning to severed limbs, defective products can be extremely hazardous or even fatal for the user. Because manufacturers often have teams of lawyers representing them, in order to receive fair compensation, you too will need an experienced and resourceful attorney. A Memphis personal injury lawyer from our firm may help you protect your rights and receive the compensation you deserve to treat your injury for which they are responsible. The law firm of Patterson Bray has extensive experience handling large, complex cases such as defective product injury suits. Contact our office immediately to discover how we may be able to help you.

A Personal Injury From an Accident in the Workplace

Though most businesses are required to carry workers compensation for injured employees, it’s not always enough. They may deny your claim, or refuse to pay for your full treatment. If your workplace injury is permanent, they might not offer a fair settlement for your future losses. A Memphis personal injury lawyer from our firm may help you right the wrongs all too often associated with injuries incurred in the workplace.

A Personal Injury Due to Medical Malpractice

When a medical practitioner hurts rather than helps a patient in their care, it may be grounds for a medical malpractice suit. Eligibility is largely dependent on the circumstances of what happened. Request a free consultation with one of our medical malpractice attorneys to see if you have grounds for a claim or lawsuit.

Wrongful Death of a Family Member

If you have needlessly lost a family member in an avoidable accident or act of violence, you may have legal justification for filing a wrongful death suit. Litigation and all the money in the world cannot reverse the events that took away your loved one, but it can punish the wrongdoer and help your family meet its financial obligations. Contact our office to find out more about how wrongful death statutes and laws may influence your case.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Memphis, TN Families Depend on Today

If you would like to find out if you have any legal recourse against the party you think was responsible for your injuries, contact a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray today at 901.372.5003 for a free case evaluation.

Benefits of Retaining a Memphis, TN Personal Injury Attorney

Are you undecided about whether or not you should contact a skilled personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN offers after being involved in an incident that caused you harm? If you feel that you have a legal claim, contact Patterson Bray for a free consultation. Our lawyers work diligently with clients in the Memphis and Nashville area and are prepared to seek due justice after a personal injury.

Lawyers typically focus on one or two areas of the law. Therefore, when you are interested in filing a claim for an injury or accident, you may want to look for a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN trusts. To further understand the importance of an experienced personal injury lawyer, please consider the following benefits:

  1. A personal injury lawyer may have fought similar claims. Personal injury claims must adhere to or meet specific guidelines, laid out in complex laws, case histories, or insurance contracts. Through the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN respects, your time and mental energy may be saved. More importantly, you might feel an increase in confidence by knowing you’re working with someone who understands how to navigate the legal system.
  1. Fees are generally based upon contingency. Every law firm has its own policy regarding personal injury. However, many firms, including Patterson Bray, work on a contingency fee basis. Through this structure, you are not obliged to pay any money or fees up front; rather, fees shall be settled once a case has been won.
  1. Objective thinking may be implemented. A personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN may develop strong cases through objective, logical thinking. Such a mindset requires the careful consideration of fine details, which could prove your claim. This way of thinking may trickle down into any court proceedings in which precise attention to language and words will be of the utmost priority.
  1. Discovering alternative options. Sometimes a negotiation or settlement offered is not up to par with expectations. Should this happen, a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN can count on may look for alternative methods to a suitable resolution. These could include arbitration, mediation, or trial.
  1. Settlements may be higher than insurance claim offers. An insurance company or third party may be very determined to get you to agree to settlements or negotiations. It may be advisable to politely decline until you consult with a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN residents have on their side. A lawyer may provide you with honest advice of any offers on the table, or aim to re-negotiate the settlement so you get more appropriate compensation.

When you need a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN has a broad range of firms to choose from; however, not all are created equal. Some firms cater to all types of claims making them better suited to general legal matters rather than those specific to a personal injury. Due to the complex nature of these claims, it’s advisable to choose a Memphis personal injury lawyer who is familiar with personal injury claims and all encompassing legislation. Patterson Bray provides the kind of lawyer you can turn to for the right kind of representation. If you would like to know more about are reputable firm, please call us now for a free consultation.

Why Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer Memphis, TN Can Provide?

Technically you have the right to represent yourself and file a personal injury claim on your own. Unless your injuries are very minor, however, it is advisable to turn to a lawyer for representation. Because most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, you risk nothing except a small fraction of your time. More importantly, you may take advantage of the following benefits:

1. Fair Compensation

When you file a claim, some insurance adjustors do whatever it takes to get you to settle for the amount they are offering you. In fact, they might tell you that this amount is more than what a lawyer will get you, or they may attempt to persuade you through other manipulative statements. Remember, it is their job to pay out as little as possible. By working with a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer, you can feel confident in knowing that you are demanding the compensation that you deserve — and this amount may be much higher than the initial offer from the insurance company.

2. Protection of Your Rights

Many people who do not have a degree in law lack a full understanding of their legal rights. This leaves the door open for insurance companies, investigators, or other parties to implement clever tactics, that may infringe upon your rights. By retaining a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN trusts, your rights will be protected to ensure you do not get taken advantage of or led in the wrong direction.

3. Full Investigation of Your Claim

Personal injury claims often have a lot of evidence that can help your defense, but this evidence may be easily overlooked or disregarded. This is especially true in complicated cases that may be worth millions of dollars. A personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN provides can assess the current evidence and make a deducted decision on whether or not a second or third private investigation is needed. If so, the costs could be covered and taken out of your winning amount.

4. Legal Support and a Friendly Shoulder to Lean On

Finally, by choosing to have a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN on your side, you can feel peace of mind in knowing that you have the utmost support to reach out to during these turbulent times.

If you are ready to schedule a consultation with Patterson Bray, a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN respects, please call 901.372.5003.

What does personal injury mean in law?

A personal injury case refers to any mental or physical injury to an individual that was caused by someone else’s negligence or harmful act. Negligence is failing to act reasonably or carefully in a situation resulting in harm to another.

How do I know if I have a case or not?

If you are not sure if you have a case or not, you should still protect your rights by calling a law firm that you trust. It is important to get the opinion of a Memphis TN  personal injury lawyer and at Patterson Bray, you can receive a free consultation. You have nothing to lose by speaking with a lawyer.

Will I have to go to file a lawsuit?

In most cases, personal injury claims to do not become lawsuits. Once you are fully recovered from your injuries related to the incident, your lawyer can file a claim with the liable insurance company. Typically, your lawyer and the adjuster, representing the party being held liable, will negotiate on a settlement that is fair for your injuries.

What can I expect to receive coverage for?

After being involved in an accident, there are several expenses that may transpire. You are entitled to receive reimbursement for the costs associated with those injuries. At Patterson Bray we have helped clients receive compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills. This may include surgery expenses, hospital bills, medications, doctor bills, or additional therapies needed, such as physical therapy.
    The wages you have lost due to the accident
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Emotional trauma
  • Mental disability
  • Physical disability
  • Out-of-pocket expenses. This could include needing to hire someone to clean the house or cut the grass because you were unable to do so. Another example is transportation costs.

There are many things that you can receive coverage for and having a skilled personal injury lawyer on your side will determine how much compensation you’ll truly receive. Our lawyers will fight on your behalf and not settle for a lower amount than what your case is worth.

What should I do now?

During this time of uncertainty and trying to regain your health, you should not have to stress about legal issues. At Patterson Bray, we will work alongside you and tackle all of the legal stresses you may have. We understand the financial burden associated with an injury and we want to help you get back on your feet. Call our office today to set up a free consultation with a Memphis personal injury lawyer.

Patterson Bray: Personal Injury Lawyers You Can Trust

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident that may have been caused by negligence or wrongdoing, you may be able to receive compensation. Patterson Bray has a team of lawyers who understand what you may be going through and are ready to give you the support and guidance you may need. If you would like to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN residents can count on, please call 901.372.5003.


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