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Have you been injured in an auto accident? Are you trying to figure out how you will cover the costs of your medical care, while at the same time, coping with the inability to work? Perhaps you are concerned about losing your job position or your rental because, after the accident, you can no longer afford it. This is a common scenario that many accident victims face. At Patterson Bray, our Memphis, TN car accident lawyer understands what you are going through and can help. 

For years, our firm has been acting as the voice and legal advocate for car accident victims. We know that insurance companies have a tendency to take advantage of you and we don’t want that to happen. Let us listen to your story and help you to decide whether you have a case. Call our Memphis, TN car accident lawyers now. 

In general, a car accident will leave its traces. This physical evidence can be very useful to an injury claim; thus, should be gathered as quickly as possible. A car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can help you investigate the scene of the accident, talk with eyewitnesses, review the police report, and determine who was at fault. If, through the available evidence and data, it is found that another party caused you to crash, you may be able to pursue a civil claim for compensation. No two accidents are exactly alike, and some are very difficult to prove. For this reason, you should not pursue a case without the help of a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer. 

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What To Do After A Car Accident

If you were injured in a car accident caused by another driver, you deserve to be compensated for your losses. However, in order to obtain fair compensation, you must take the proper steps after the accident. Here are the things you need to do following a vehicle accident.

Contact The Police

If a car accident resulted in injuries, it is important to call the police. They will arrive at the scene of the accident to make a police report. The report will include important information about the accident, such as when and where it occurred and the names of the people involved. Do not forget to obtain a copy of this report for your records.

Take Photos Of The Accident Scene

Photos are one of the best pieces of evidence you can have for your car accident case. If you are physically able to do so, take photos of the accident scene, including all the vehicles involved in the collision, traffic signs, and skid marks on the road. You don’t need a high-tech camera to do this. A smartphone camera will suffice.

Seek Medical Care

Your health is of the utmost importance. Go to the emergency room immediately after a car accident to get your injuries checked out. A doctor will give you a proper diagnosis and recommend a treatment plan. Be honest about symptoms and don’t leave any details out.

Consult A Lawyer

If you want to obtain fair compensation for your injuries, it is essential to have a skilled car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN on your side. He or she will handle all negotiations with the insurance company and make sure that you file all your paperwork within the deadline. 

Follow Your Doctor’s Instructions

Whether your doctor advises physical therapy or medication for your injury, you should follow his or her advice. If you stop treatment early, you could jeopardize your health and injury case.

Keep A Journal

It is a good idea to write everything you remember about the car accident in a journal right away. For instance, if you noticed that the other driver was looking at a smartphone right before the accident occurred, you should write that information down. You may also want to write about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and how they’ve affected your life.

Examples of Negligence

An experienced car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN will need to prove the collision was a result of negligence. This is a broad term, but in the case of car accidents, there are common factors that often indicate this careless or reckless behavior:

  • Failure To Signal
  • Driving In The Wrong Lane
  • Speeding
  • Ignoring Road Hazards
  • Driving Too Fast In Poor Weather Conditions
  • Ignoring Stop Signs
  • Driving While Impaired
  • Driving While Intoxicated
  • Driving While Distracted

In some cases, reckless driving may have contributed to the accident. In the event this is true, a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN might choose to include both negligence and reckless driving in the claim. Although similar, there are differences, and a greater amount of compensation may be available. It is also possible for police to issue a traffic ticket or citation to the negligent driver. Rest assured, this should not affect your ability to file a claim. 

Most Common Types Of Auto Accidents

Some types of automobile accidents happen more frequently than others. In terms of collisions that cause injuries, the top five types of automobile collisions include:

Accidents where one vehicle rear-ends another vehicle. In most states, the leading type of crash is rear-ended accidents. Unfortunately, as a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer can attest, there are so many different ways that a rear-end accident could occur. A driver in the front could suddenly hit the brakes, or an inattentive driver could not be paying attention to the road and could run into the rear end of a vehicle that is stopped, waiting for a light to change, for example.

Accidents happen due to a vehicle turning. The second most frequent type of automobile accident that happens is an accident involving turning. One of the most common reasons for these accidents is that the driver fails to use their turn indicator, or a driver might not be paying attention to a turning vehicle and could cause an accident.

Accidents occur at an angle. One of the most difficult things to determine when you are behind the wheel is when another driver is going to go at an angle rather than straight or a 90-degree turn. Multiple-way stops and circles are difficult to navigate, especially when other drivers are trying to navigate them as well.

Collision with a fixed object. One of the more common single-vehicle accident types involves collisions with a fixed object, such as a tree or lamp post. In these types of accidents, a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer can help you pursue a car accident claim under your own insurance policy to cover the costs of any property damage and to cover medical bills and other expenses or losses that any injuries you sustained have caused you.

Accidents involving hitting a pedestrian. Unfortunately, another common type of car accident in Tennessee involves striking or hitting a pedestrian. More than 1,000 pedestrians are struck and injured each year, with about 50 of those victims suffering fatal injuries.

If you have been injured in a car accident, contact a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer from Patterson Bray PLLC to find out what legal options you may have.

When No Other Party Caused Your Accident

Sometimes a car accident will involve no other cars or drivers. In this case, you might wonder whether you can still file a claim. In short, it depends on the circumstances of what happened. It is certainly possible for a vehicular defect, malfunction, or road defect to have caused the accident. A car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can review your case to rule out whether this is a factor. 

If you would like to speak with a Memphis, Tennessee car accident lawyer, please call Patterson Bray now. 

When You Do and Don’t Need a Lawyer’s Guidance After a Car Accident

Car accidents can result in serious, catastrophic, and even fatal consequences. However, not every car accident is so consequential. As a result, not every car accident results in a need to consult an experienced car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN motorists trust. If you were recently involved in a car accident that caused no injuries, injuries that amounted to nothing more than minor scrapes and bruises, or injuries that did not require medical attention or any time off of work for you to heal, you likely do not need to speak with an attorney at this time.

However, if your car accident resulted in any injuries of significance, and that required medical attention, and/or any that required you to take time off of work to heal, it is important to connect with an experienced Memphis, TN car accident lawyer at our firm as soon as possible in order to explore your legal rights and options as an injury victim. Even if your collision was partially your fault, you may be entitled to significant compensation at this time. You won’t know for sure how strong your case is until a member of our reputable legal team assesses your circumstances and investigates the nuances of the crash scene itself.

Special Considerations for Work-Related Crashes

If your car accident occurred while you were engaged in work-related activities, it is important to communicate that fact to a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer at our firm. Once you do, we’ll be able to provide you with personalized guidance concerning your legal options. If you are a full-time or part-time employee of a private business or public entity, you are likely entitled to receive workers’ compensation benefits as a result of your injuries. Your employer benefits from limited liability regarding work-related injuries, so you won’t be able to sue your employer if you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. However, you may still be able to successfully sue other parties that have directly contributed to the cause(s) of your injuries by virtue of their negligent, reckless, or intentionally harmful conduct.

If you are not eligible for workers’ comp benefits, you may be able to sue any party that may be held legally and financially accountable for the harm that you have suffered.  

Exploring Your Legal Options Proactively

The law doesn’t afford you an endless amount of time during which you can decide whether to file legal action against those who have caused you harm. If you may be in a position to file a personal injury lawsuit, a workers’ compensation claim, or both kinds of legal action, it is important to explore your rights and options as quickly as you can. Some of your options may expire if you do not act within 30 days of your accident. Connect with the experienced Tennessee team at Patterson Bray PLLC to learn more about our approach to representation and about the rights and options granted to you under the law.

Contact Our Memphis Car Accident Lawyer

Know your legal options as a car accident victim

If you or a loved one was seriously injured by a drunk driver during a holiday or at any other time of year, the impaired driver will almost certainly face criminal charges. But you also have the right (and likely the need) to also pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. Trying to recover compensation after an accident can be complicated and difficult without legal assistance. Car accident victims are often left with large medical bills for their treatment and missed weeks or months of work. Many of them struggle to deal with their expenses. If you are in a similar situation, you can explore your options to recover compensation with the help of an experienced lawyer. To discuss your injuries and legal options, please reach out to an experienced Memphis, Tennessee car accident lawyer today.

When you have been in a car accident, you should seek the help of a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer from Patterson Bray. After a car accident, you may be facing copious amounts of physical pain and emotional stress in addition to stacks of medical bills. You may be more concerned about speeding up with your recovery and how you can remain financially stable while you recover. The thought of being unable to work may add to your anxiety. While it may be an inconvenience, taking legal action can result in you obtaining the compensation you deserve. If your case is successful, you will not have to worry about how you will pay your bills and other expenses. What you should understand is that if another person caused your accident, you may have the right to file a claim with a car accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee. Patterson Bray has decades of experience in helping men, women, and families recover compensation after their injuries. If you would like to know more about how Patterson Bray, may be able to help you, please call a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN residents can count on today. 

Factors that Determine the Worth of a Personal Injury Claim

While settlement negotiations are typically the first step before filing a personal injury lawsuit, negotiations can fail. Therefore, when this happens, clients often wonder how much their claim is actually worth. The question is both a means of determining how much they can expect to recover and whether the case is worth fighting in court. However, if a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN is tied to your case, then you can expect that your case is worth fighting for. Therefore, the only question that remains is value, and there are at least four factors that help to determine recovery.

  1. Lost Wages

While the idea of lost wages seems straightforward, it can be challenging to determine. For example, if you are an hourly employee and you miss five, 40-hour work weeks, then you figure the total hours missed, 200, and multiply that by your hourly rate, resulting in your current lost wages. However, when you take that and extrapolate on it because you are no longer able to work in your chosen career field, the math gets a little more confusing for calculating future lost earnings. To make sure that your calculations are accurate so that you are able to get your rightful compensation, hire a lawyer and they can do the math. Missed wages are not something that you want to figure out incorrectly. With the right car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN, these numbers can be worked out for you. 

  1. Medical Bills

Medical bills, again, can seem straightforward. Although, that all depends on the extent of your injuries. Complex or severe injuries that require extensive treatment can be hard to calculate. For example, sustained injuries that allow for complete recovery and no future treatments are easy to figure out because you only need to compile the bills. However, if your injuries are more severe and require lifelong treatments and assistance, the calculations could get more complicated once again. Calculating medical bills can be difficult so it may be helpful to hire a lawyer so that they find the full cost of your medical expenses. 

  1. Pain and Suffering

While an abstract term with no concrete valuation, pain, and suffering is something you should be compensated for, especially when your injuries are severe and life-altering. Pain and suffering fall under non-economic damages, which are a category of damages that are not assigned an objective value because they apply to every victim differently. Sometimes determining the extent of pain and suffering can be challenging to figure out. Therefore, your car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN may ask medical professionals and other expert resources to speak about the trauma you endured and the effects of that trauma on your daily life and relationships.

  1. Loss of Consortium

While similar to pain and suffering, loss of consortium is more related to the plight of a spouse or signficant other. Accidents affect not only the injured party but those closest to them. If you are unable to work, then your spouse may need to find different or additional work opportunities. You may not be able to offer the same level of companionship as before your accident. All these things and more may equate to more damages and compensation. While there is no finite way to define specific dollar amounts for particular injuries, the four factors above help the legal system create some level of balance in the recovery process. 

Memphis Car Accident Infographic

4 Factors That Determine The Worth of A Personal Injury Claim Infographic

Paying Your Medical Bills

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other damages. The insurance company may offer you a settlement, but it’s important that you understand how insurance companies work before accepting any settlement offer. Insurance companies want to pay as little as possible on claims because they are in business to make money, not pay money out.

Car accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. In some cases, the driver may be at fault, and in other instances, another party may be responsible for the accident. No matter how minor or serious your accident may have been, you should always contact a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN after being involved in an accident.

An experienced car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray PLLC will help you understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to filing an insurance claim and pursuing a personal injury lawsuit against those who caused your accident.

After being in a car accident, there might be a lot on your mind. One of those thoughts could be, “How will I get my medical bills paid?” You don’t always have access to funds immediately following the accident, but you will need medical attention right away. The good news is with a car accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee recommends by your side, you can navigate the sometimes complex world of insurance, lawsuits, bill collection, and more. The following are some ways you can get your medical bills paid after being injured in a car accident.

Personal Health Insurance

In most cases, your personal health insurance can cover the costs of your medical care until your claim is settled. It’s probable the health insurance provider will want compensation for bills paid under your plan, so keep that in mind when you learn how much your settlement cost will be.

Personal Injury Protection

PIP is coverage that is part of your auto insurance policy. With it, the first bills that are processed will be paid. There is a limit, which is commonly about $3,000. When your bills have reached that limit, your coverage will run out and you will need to find a different avenue for payment.


If you don’t have personal health insurance, it’s possible you will qualify for Medicaid, which is a government program that offers health coverage to those with a qualifying low income. The Medicaid office will need a notification that your injuries are the result of a car accident, so don’t try to hide that fact. You also won’t often see a Medicaid payment until PIP has been exhausted.

Out of Pocket

If you’re faced with a situation in which none of the above suggestions will work and your case isn’t settled yet, you may need to pay out of pocket simply so you don’t get sent to collections. If your case goes well, you will be reimbursed for doing this. It’s possible your healthcare provider will offer a discount for paying in cash or paying in full on the day of service, so be sure to ask if either of those is a possibility.

Local Memphis TN Highway Information

Interstate 140

I 140 is the designation for the Northern Outer Loop and Wilmington Bypass in southeastern North Carolina. The freeway loop originates from a trumpet interchange with U.S. 17 to the west of Wilmington at Bishop in Brunswick County. I-140 heads north across an area of wetlands and forest to U.S. 74/76 at Leland, where it curves east toward Navassa and the viaduct system spanning the Cape Fear River.

State Route 153

SSR 153 is a state highway in Chattanooga, Tennessee. It runs from Interstate 75/U.S. Route 74 (I-75/US 74) a few miles east of the I-24 interchange to US 27 just south of Soddy-Daisy. The route serves as a bypass around downtown Chattanooga for I-75 travelers heading towards US 27 north.

Interstate 75

I-75 in the US state of Tennessee runs from Chattanooga to Jellico by way of Knoxville. I-75 enters the East Tennessee region from Georgia, following the Tennessee Valley all the way through Knoxville to near Rocky Top, then climbs into the Cumberland Mountains before crossing over into Kentucky at Jellico.

Interstate 40 

In Tennessee, I-40 traverses the entirety of the state from west to east, from the Mississippi River at the Arkansas border to the northern base of the Great Smoky Mountains at the North Carolina border. At a length, the Tennessee segment of I-40 is the longest of the eight states on the route, and the longest interstate highway segment in Tennessee.  It is also the only interstate highway to completely span the state from west to east.

Interstate 640 

I-640 is an east–west auxiliary Interstate Highway in Knoxville, Tennessee. It serves as a bypass for I-40 around Downtown Knoxville and is also an alternative route for traffic passing between I-40 and I-75. All trucks carrying hazardous cargo through Knoxville are required to use I-640. 

Interstate 24 

I-24 is an Interstate Highway in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. It runs diagonally from I-57, 10 miles (16 km) south of Marion, Illinois, to Chattanooga, Tennessee, at I-75. It travels through Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia. 

Filing A Bad Faith Claim

If an insurance company denies your claim when you have provided sufficient evidence, you can speak with your lawyer about filing a bad-faith insurance claim. In this case, you would be filing a claim against the insurance company because they unfairly denied your claim and you want to punish them. If you win, you may be penalized or subject to punitive damages. An insurance company may have wrongly denied your claim by:

  • They continue to delay your payments
  • They will not settle your insurance claim
  • They go out of their way not to investigate your claim
  • They offer you a settlement that is extremely low

If any of the above is true, it is possible the insurance company is unfairly offering you a lowball settlement or they are attempting to deny your insurance claim altogether. When this is the case, do not hesitate to ask for our help. We are here for you no matter where you are in the process, whether you are just starting out to file your insurance claim or whether you would like to make an appeal of a denial. 

Memphis Car Accident Statistics

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), an estimated 2.3 million people are injured in car accidents each year in the United States. This number has been decreasing in recent years, but it is still a significant number of people who are injured in car accidents each year.

According to state statistics, there are more than 175,000 car accidents in Tennessee each year. These crashes are responsible for killing almost 6,000 victims. These are some startling statistics about automobile accidents on the state’s highways and roadways. It is dangerous to be on the road, and anyone could be involved in an auto accident at any time. If you have been involved in an automobile accident, a car accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from our law firm is eager to assist you with your case today.

Memphis Car Accident Law FAQs

What should I do immediately after my accident?

If you haven’t yet taken these steps, please do so as soon as you possibly can:

  1. Move your vehicle to safety. 
  2. Check on other drivers and parties involved. 
  3. Call 9-1-1 – Nothing is more important than your health.
  4. Contact a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer.
  5. Take down the other driver(s) contact and insurance information.
  6. Get any witness statements and contact information, if possible.
  7. Take as many photos of the accident as possible. 
  8. Have yourself checked out by emergency services
  9. Follow up with your own doctor and comply with anything they tell you to do, such as taking medication or time off of work. 

My injuries aren’t that bad, can I refuse medical attention? 

It is absolutely vital that you do not refuse any medical attention from on-scene medical responders. Even if you think your injuries are not extensive, you could be putting yourself in a very tough situation. Your shock could be masking the pain of your injuries and then later when you realize the severity, you might not be able to get the settlement you’re actually entitled to. If you refuse medical attention, the insurance company can see that as your affirmation that, since your injuries weren’t significant enough to receive medical care, they aren’t significant enough to receive a settlement. It’s also important that you see your own doctor as well to provide an independent review of your injuries. Once you’ve received medical attention, a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer can help you explore your legal options. 

Well, how much is my case worth? 

The answer to this question really depends on the specifics of your case. There are a few different types of damages that you can seek to recover when filing your claim, such as loss of wages, medical expenses, property damage, and even pain and suffering. Consult with a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer about what you can reasonably expect to recover, as well as their estimation of what your case might be worth. 

Can I Recover Damages if My Car Accident Happened on Ice?

For many, winter is the best time of year as the world is blanketed in snow and everyone visits friends and families for the many holidays celebrated around the world. But it is unfortunately also the most dangerous time of year for travel, as snow and ice lead to a sharp increase in bad accidents. It would be understandable to assume that inclement weather exempts a driver from liability if they are involved in an accident due to ice. But does the law see it that way?

What Should I Do After An Accident? 

The very first thing that you should do after an accident is to seek medical attention. Check for injuries and even if they aren’t immediately visible, contact your doctor. There are injuries that may be present but not instantly felt because your body is experiencing a rush of adrenaline following the accident. Injuries like whiplash and herniated discs may not hurt right after but the day after an accident you can feel them. 

In most cases, if your injuries aren’t severe you won’t need to go to the hospital. However, getting yourself checked out is a great way to catch silent killers like internal bleeding. If you aren’t in need of an ambulance then dial 911 to report the accident to the police. If possible take pictures of the accident and the circumstances of the accident. This could be road conditions, traffic signs that aren’t labeled, and any damage to the vehicles. 

You should refrain from giving a statement to the insurance company of the at-fault driver. They could use your words against you and that is why you should only speak to your lawyer. 

What Should I Do If An Adjuster From The At-fault Individual’s Insurance Calls? 

You should always refer the opposing insurance calls to your insurance company or to your lawyer. In most scenarios, the insurance company of the at-fault individual is looking to have you agree to a settlement. Typically this is done before they even attempt to calculate your damages. Until your lawyer has given you their expert opinion on what to do, the best thing to do is not rush it. You could end up settling for far less than what you are worth if you do. 

What Kind of Damages Could I Be Entitled To? 

If you suffered injuries due to a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence there are two main types of damages you can recover. The first is compensatory. These damages are typically property damages, current and future medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress. The second is punitive damages. These are pretty rare in auto accidents though and not many people see anything from punitive damages. 

If you have been in a car accident it is often in your best interest to contact a car accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee for more information. 

Contact Patterson Bray Memphis Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident can happen in the blink of an eye. The most important thing in a car accident lawsuit is to have an experienced trial attorney. A good lawyer can make all the difference in the world.

The insurance companies know which lawyers try their cases, and which lawyers settle for less. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible for your claim. We will not settle for less than what you deserve, and we will not hesitate to file a lawsuit if it is in your best interest to do so.  Especially in cases where insurance agents are denying your claim, you want to know that you have the law on your side. An attorney can help ensure that you have turned in everything you will need for your claim and can help you examine the denial letter you were sent. Remember, an insurance agent likely isn’t denying your claim because your claim has no merit. 

Instead, they are likely denying your claim because they want their company to spend as little as possible and, often, people do not want to put up a fight against an insurance company. That’s where our team comes in handy. We are not afraid to stand up against big insurance companies and fight for our client’s right to compensation. 

Regardless of how big or small your case may be, Patterson Bray has the experience and resources to obtain the maximum possible recovery for you. We are here to help you get through this difficult time by pursuing the compensation you deserve for your medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering.

We are committed to providing our clients with the legal representation they deserve in order to get the compensation they are entitled to. Personal injury victims deserve to be compensated for their medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. We at Patterson Bray will work hard on behalf of our clients to make sure they receive a fair financial settlement or jury verdict.

Tennessee Car Accident Laws

Car accidents can be daunting, and understanding the legal framework that governs them is crucial when you find yourself in such a situation, which is why it’s so important to consult with a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer. Tennessee, like every state, has specific laws and regulations related to car accidents. Below, we will delve into some key laws relevant to car accidents in the state of Tennessee. Whether you’re a resident of Memphis or elsewhere in Tennessee, having a grasp of these laws can help you protect your rights and pursue fair compensation. If you need legal guidance, our lawyers at Patterson Bray PLLC are here to assist you.

Tennessee’s Fault-Based System

Tennessee operates under a fault-based system for car accidents. This means that the party at fault for the accident is responsible for covering the damages incurred by the other parties involved. Determining fault is a critical aspect of car accident cases and plays a pivotal role in liability and compensation, and a Memphis car accident lawyer can help you understand the case from all angles.

Statute Of Limitations

In Tennessee, there is a statute of limitations that dictates the time frame within which you can file a personal injury lawsuit related to a car accident. Generally, you have one year from the date of the accident to initiate legal proceedings. Failing to file within this time frame can result in your claim being dismissed.

Comparative Fault Law

Tennessee follows a modified comparative fault law. This means that if you are found partially at fault for the accident, your compensation may be reduced accordingly. If your degree of fault exceeds 50%, you may be barred from recovering any damages. Understanding how comparative fault applies to your case is essential in assessing your potential recovery.

Insurance Requirements

Tennessee law mandates that all drivers carry liability insurance with minimum coverage limits. The minimum requirements include $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $15,000 for property damage. Ensuring you and other drivers involved in the accident are adequately insured is crucial.

Uninsured And Underinsured Motorist Coverage

While not mandatory, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) is strongly recommended in Tennessee. This type of coverage can provide protection in case you are involved in an accident with a driver who lacks insurance or has insufficient coverage to compensate you adequately.

Reporting A Car Accident

Tennessee law requires that any car accident resulting in injuries, fatalities, or property damage exceeding $50 be reported to the Tennessee Department of Safety within 20 days of the accident. Failing to report an accident can lead to the suspension of your driver’s license.

Navigating the intricacies of car accident laws in Tennessee can be challenging, particularly when you are dealing with injuries, property damage, and insurance claims. If you are in need of legal assistance, a Memphis car accident lawyer at Patterson Bray PLLC is here to help. We are dedicated to helping you understand your rights, evaluate your case, and advocate on your behalf. Contact us for a free consultation, and let us guide you through the legal process to secure the compensation you deserve after a car accident in Tennessee. Your basic rights are our top priority amongst our dedicated team of professionals.

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