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Every single day, people get hurt from slip and fall accidents and they may not know there is a Memphis, Tennessee slip and fall lawyer they can rely on. Such incidents should always be taken seriously, and medical attention should be sought right away. When one falls, the body may hit an object before impacting the ground. These accidents can happen anywhere and do tremendous damage. The head, knees, neck, back and other vital areas may sustain debilitating injuries or they may even cause death. In this article, we cover how slip and fall accidents can happen, symptoms of injuries, what to do after a slip and fall accident, and why a slip and fall lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray may be helpful when it comes time to get compensation from a negligent property owner or municipality.

We can help protect your rights.When someone goes out for the day, they are probably not anticipating a trip to the emergency room. For some, medical attention may be required after a slip and fall accident. One factor that can make slip and fall accidents more complicated, is when another party may have had an influence in the incident occurring. Those who are responsible for the safety of a property may fail to provide a reasonably hazard-free space, which can result in slip and fall accidents.

If you or someone you love has tripped or slipped and fallen while on a property, we highly encourage you to contact a Memphis slip and fall lawyer from Patterson Bray for assistance. If a facility is negligent when it comes to visitor safety and an accident ensues, the victim of the slip and fall may face severe monetary loss. We can help you seek the compensation required to heal and financially recover.

Contributors to Slip and Fall Accidents

There are several contributors to slip and fall accidents, including poor lighting, liquid puddles, debri, loose wires, lack of handrails and anything else that risks the safety of others. When people are walking, rarely are they staring directly at their feet. So, objects and garbage on the floor can quickly become a tripping hazard for those walking by. Staff and others responsible for upkeep of the building must be alert to potential risks and attend to it as quickly as possible. If you were hurt because workers ignored a hazard please, don’t hesitate to reach out to a slip and fall attorney that Memphis trusts.

Where do slip and falls accidents frequently occur?

Though a slip and fall accident can happen anytime and anywhere, there are certain circumstances that can be more risky. Regardless of how your accident occurred, a negligent store owner or property owner might be held liable for your injury costs. A slip and fall lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray can file a personal injury claim against them on your behalf. Call our office today to learn more.

When out and about or running errands, keep an eye out for the following:

  • Defects or cracks in sidewalks.
  • Ice, snow, or rain accumulation.
  • Worn, torn, or curled carpeting.
  • Poor lighting in pathways or aisles.
  • Broken or missing stair handrails.
  • Holes in the pavement.
  • Loose wires or electrical cords.
  • Puddles or liquids on floor in retail store.
  • Spilled produce in a grocery store.

What if someone who slipped and fell feels fine after the accident?

Even if someone feels okay after falling, they should consider seeing a doctor. Sometimes, symptoms such as bruising, aches, and pains may not present until hours or even days after the accident. It is best to get an evaluation from a doctor so they can perform an exam and diagnosis. Also, if someone hits their head they may sustain a traumatic brain injury. This kind of injury can become life-threatening if brain swelling or bleeding has occurred. If your diagnosis is positive for a serious injury, do not delay in contacting a slip and fall lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray.

What are the symptoms of a brain injury?

The symptoms associated with a brain injury can vary. It is important to keep in mind that some symptoms may not show up immediately after the fall, yet the victim sustained a serious injury. If a head injury is suspected, go to the nearest emergency room or call an ambulance. If you did sustain a serious injury, contact a slip and fall lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray immediately.

When symptoms do arise, the most common signs can include:

  • Headaches that do not decrease in intensity
  • Feeling confused, disoriented
  • Vomiting and/or nausea
  • Poor balance or coordination
  • Shifts in sleeping patterns
  • Slurred speech
  • Difficulty understanding spoken word
  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Changes in personality
  • Irritability, increased moodiness
  • Unconsciousness

Protecting Yourself After the Fall

After the fall, it is important that you report the incident to a staff member, supervisor, building owner, landlord, or whoever is responsible for safety. You may be asked to complete paperwork that describes your visible injuries and how the fall happened. Be sure to request a copy of this for your own records too. If you feel any aches or pains right after, do not hesitate to call for medical help. In slip and fall accidents, your health should come first.

Photographs as Evidence

Take photographs of where you fell before staff has a chance to remove the cause of the fall. If you file a lawsuit against the company, your story heavily relies on what evidence you can bring forward. In an effort to protect the company, a staff member may clean up the mess, spill or whatever led to the fall as a way to remove proof before you have the chance to photograph it.

What if another person may be at-fault for the slip and fall accident?

In some cases, you will not be at fault for the injury. The accident may have happened in a store, mall, or while at work. Many people may schedule an appointment to speak with an attorney to find out their options. The costs for injury care, including diagnostics, surgery, x-rays, CT scans, stitches, or prescription medication add up fast. You may be able to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party for repayment of your accumulated medical costs with the help of a slip and fall lawyer Memphis, TN victims recommend from Patterson Bray.

Please contact our law firm to speak with an attorney today. We are available to answer any question you have, and can book you an initial consultation with an attorney at Patterson Bray. Let our Memphis slip and fall lawyer help you get the compensation you need to overcome the slip and fall accident.