3 Unusual Reasons To Get Compensation for a Bike Accident

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As an experienced car accident lawyer from Hall Justice Law Firm explains, seeking compensation for a bicycle accident is possible and you may be entitled to more money than you think. If you are seeking to sue a negligent driver for causing your bike accident, then working with a lawyer is where to start. Personal injury lawsuits can be fraught with insurance nuances and obscure laws. For instance, a lawyer would be aware of these three (and many more) unusual but completely valid reasons to seek compensation for a bicycle accident.

1. Psychological Pain and Suffering

Normally, when you think of suing someone for hitting you on your bike, you think of the damage done to your body and your bicycle. These are very important, but equally as important is the damage done to your mind and spirit. The old adage ‘Mind-Body-Spirit’ comes into play here. It is difficult to carry on with life when you deal with emotional trauma or mental illness as a result of your accident. This type of loss is evidenced in a myriad of ways, including documentation from a psychologist or therapist.

2. Loss of Enjoyment of Life

If your accident has changed the way you enjoy life on a daily basis, you may be entitled to more compensation. Compensation for this type of damage is intended to help you return to a normal and enjoyable level of living, including resuming regular hobbies like hiking, biking or bingo; social engagements such as weddings, parties or clubs; and everyday household duties. This is not a complete list of course, and the way these losses are measured is particular and different than just adding up medical bills.

3. Loss of Consortium

When your relationships suffer due to your bike accident, it is considered a loss of consortium. In other words, a loss of friendship, intimate relationships or love. This is a delicate subject, often requiring private information. Things considered in calculating this type of loss are the length of the relationships involved and the extent of mental and bodily injury. You are advised to save documentation from therapists and other doctors to support your claim.

You should work with a personal injury attorney on all the paperwork and information you will need for your court case. They can also navigate the fine print, including insurance policy limits and releases and court filing restrictions. Our psychological health plays a major role in our everyday enjoyment of life. A bicycle accident can be a very traumatic event. Understanding your rights and receiving due compensation for your pain and suffering are the beginning steps of healing and returning to a fulfilling life.

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