4 Tips To Manage Fear of the Dentist

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Visiting the dentist can be a daunting experience for many people — even those with healthy teeth and gums according to a dentist. For individuals who suffer from dental anxiety or fear, going to the dentist can be an incredibly stressful endeavor and this fear can prevent regular checkups that are essential for good oral health. As a personal injury lawyer knows, going to the dentist on a regular day can induce anxiety, but if you are going after an injury, it can appear extra stressful. Here are some tips on how to manage fear of the dentist so you can take better care of your oral hygiene.

Talk To Your Dentist

The first step towards managing your dental anxiety is talking to your dentist about it. Let them know in advance about any anxieties you might have in order to explain what steps they can take to make your visit more comfortable – such as using numbing agents or allowing a chaperone if necessary. It is also important to tell them about any medical conditions such as fainting spells that could occur during checking/procedures too! They will be able to tailor their approach based on what you’ve told them so don’t feel shy about voicing out any worries at all!

Take Time to Relax

It can help immensely to take time before and after appointments to relax mentally as this will aid in reducing stress levels while also calming down your body in preparation for upcoming procedures if need be. Taking deep breaths before entering the waiting room or getting pampered with things like yoga, music, reading or anything that distracts you daily could help ensure peace of mind when attending appointments.

Bring A Friend

Having someone close by during your appointment can provide immense comfort when feeling anxious. If there’s someone (like a spouse/family member/friend) willing and able to accompany you throughout the entire process of visiting the dentist it may help ease tension felt due to unfamiliarity with unknown environment and uncertainty of upcoming procedures too! Plus, having another person there may make it less intimidating for more vulnerable individuals too which means less chance of being overwhelmed by the overwhelming situation itself!

Distraction Techniques

One way to manage dental anxiety is to use distraction techniques such as listening to music, a podcast, book, etc. through headphones or even visualizing pleasant scenery in order to ‘escape’ from reality momentarily and calm down before proceeding with treatment sessions. Other than that breathing exercises usually work great too; try counting each breath slowly up till ten then start again afterwards — this should help reduce racing thoughts while focusing attention away from actual surroundings instead!

Research The Procedure

Educating yourself on exactly what will happen beforehand is key when trying to cope with fear of going to the dentist; researching online reviews, videos etc… allows one to prepare themselves mentally physically prior visit which means less surprises awaits them once they enter the doors office itself! As well reading up relevant topics such proper brushing techniques further encourages better prevention against future problems occurring too meaning overall long term positive outcome everybody involved!


It’s perfectly normal t experience fear when it comes visiting dentists however small steps taken here goes long way towards coping effectively (and comfortably) going forward – so don’t fret no matter what happens just remember seek assistance early rather than later because doing so sooner rather than later makes huge difference ultimately making journey towards achieving perfect smile much smoother ride for everyone too!

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