Can You Sue a Nurse Who Gave the Wrong Medication?

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Most nurses work hard and do their best to avoid mistakes. Unfortunately, the professionals that take care of patients in the hospital are only human and can and do make errors. When a nurse gives the wrong medication, it might be considered medical malpractice. There are a lot of variables that determine whether you can sue the nurse of not.

Improper administration of medication can occur when the nurse doesn’t give the right dose or doesn’t even give the medication. It could also occur when the medication is given improperly, such as injecting the medication into the muscle instead of a vein. The mistake could also be that the nurse injects the wrong patient.

How to Prove Medical Malpractice by a Nurse

Medical malpractice cases rest on four elements. First, the nurse must owe you a standard of care. Next, it has to be shown that the nurse failed to uphold that standard of care. Third, the nurse had to cause your injury by action or inaction. Finally, you have to show that your injury caused damages.

For example, if the nurse gave you the wrong medication but there wasn’t an adverse affect, you may not have a claim. The most difficult aspect of a nursing medical malpractice claim may be in demonstrating that there was a direct cause and effect by the nurse’s actions. You may have to bring in medical experts who can draw the conclusion that your injuries were the result of the nurse’s actions.

Who Do You Sue?

While you may bring a malpractice suit against the nurse directly, you may also have a claim against the hospital that employed the nurse. If the nurse acted under the direct supervision of the doctor, you may have to bring a lawsuit against the physician. The insurers of the parties involved may fight over who was liable and who is responsible (if anyone is) for your damages.

Have You Been Injured?

Not all medical mistakes are malpractice. You may have a good claim to receive recourse, but it won’t be an easy task. You will need to manage many different elements of the claim to show that the mistake was negligent.

Medical malpractice laws are highly complex and very technical. Laws vary from state to state. There are many elements involved in claiming malpractice. It’s advisable to have a medical malpractice attorney review your claim to determine the best steps to take to protect your rights and demonstrate that the case is malpractice.

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