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So one beautiful spring day you decide to take a bike ride. You got your bike as a Christmas gift but the roadways and sidewalks have been far too dangerous to ride on all winter. You finally get lucky and catch a beautiful day in the sun, so you take your bike to the local coffee shop instead of your car. You approach a crosswalk and receive the signal to cross. At that same moment, someone decides to run through the red light. You are struck immediately and your life flashes before your eyes. The only thing you hear is loud ringing and constant apologies and “are you okay?” But you aren’t.

When this happens to you, if you are lucky enough to still be alive, there are steps you have to take immediately and it is somewhat simple:

·      Get to safety. While you are in pain, you must get out of the way of danger that may come again. Hopefully the person that did this is there and can assist you also, but staying in the road will not do.

  • If the driver is still around, and you are able get their name and contact information. If it is a hit and run try your best to get the vehicle information before it is out of your sight.
  • Contact the police. Report what happened immediately so that the time is all recorded and help can come to you. You may not always feel everything in that moment but you need medical attention.
  • When the medics and police arrive, tell them every last detail. If you can take photos this is also helpful. But tell the police how it happened, who it happened to and who caused it, where you were physically and location wise.
  • Get the medical attention you need. Again, you may not feel it yet but you are hurt. No matter how it feels.
  • Contact your insurance company and an attorney; you will not be able to handle this on your own. You can open the insurance claim but allow your attorney to speak on your behalf to ensure that you are not taken advantage of.

While this was in no way in your plans, it is best to handle this as delicately as possible. Contact a skilled bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA in your area if you or someone you know has been hit by a vehicle as a pedestrian or cyclist, this road will not be easy and you shouldn’t go through this without professional help.

Thanks to Andrew R. Lynch, P.C. for their insight into personal injury cases and bicycle accidents.

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