Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Dental Injuries in Motorcycle CrashesAt Patterson Bray, we have successfully represented many clients who were seriously injured in motorcycle accidents. There are many types of injuries that a victim can sustain, including injuries to the head, chest, abdomen, spinal cord, and fractured bones. But one of the more common injuries that many of our clients suffer in motorcycle crashes is damage to their teeth and dental injuries in motorcycle crashes.

The reality is that even when a rider is wearing a helmet, they can still sustain severe damage to their teeth in the event of a crash. This is because many helmets do not have mouth guards or pieces that protect that area. So, if the rider is thrown from the bike upon impact, there is a high probability that when they hit the ground, their mouth will slam against the ground or curb, damaging one or more teeth.

These injuries can require teeth needing to be pulled, mouth surgery, dental implants, and bridgework. In addition to the pain and dentistry treatment needed, the victim appearance is also often affected, which, in turn, often has an emotional impact.

Many of our clients end up needing expensive dental procedures, such as implants and surgeries, in order to try to repair the damage done to their teeth. And as anyone who has received treatments from dentists and oral surgeons can attest, dental work is very expensive and is often not always covered by dental insurance.

In addition to the financial costs of this type of dental work needed, there is also the emotional costs that victims endure while they go through the often painstaking and long process for dental repair work to be completed. Even once the work is complete, many victims remain self-conscious over dental implants or dentures they are now forced to wear.

Anyone who has suffered mouth and/or dental injuries in a motorcycle crash caused by another party should consult with a Memphis TN motorcycle accident attorney in order to file an injury lawsuit against that responsible party and obtain the financial compensation they are entitled to for the losses they have suffered.

There are many losses the at-fault party could be required to pay the victim for. However, because of the misconceptions that many people have that people who ride motorcycles are daredevils who take unnecessary risk, it is critical to have a skilled motorcycle accident attorney representing you and preparing your case.

It is not an uncommon tactic of the other side to try to blame the victim for the crash, using the fact they were on a motorcycle as the “proof” of that. Your attorney will investigate the crash, gathering evidence and talking with witnesses to show that it was the negligent or reckless actions of the other party that caused the crash and makes them liable for your losses.

Some of the damages that your attorney can obtain for you include:

  •        Costs of all past and current dental bills
  •        Cost of any future dental procedures which you will need
  •        Lost income from any time you were unable to work while you recovered
  •        Pain and suffering you have endured and may still endure because of any future procedures needed
  •        Emotional anguish
  •        Costs of any mental health therapy needed because of loss of self-confidence over how the dental damage affects your appearance

Contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Memphis, TN victims recommend to find out what financial compensation you may be entitled to for your losses.