Bike Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Do You Need a Bike Accident Lawyer?When an innocent bicyclist gets hit by a reckless car driver, the situation can quickly turn tragic. Lives can be lost when car drivers are not paying enough attention, to check for bicyclists who may be sharing the road. If you or someone you love has been hit by a car driver while on their bike, please reach out to a bike accident lawyer at Patterson Bray immediately. You may be entitled to receiving substantial financial compensation for their negligence. Our law firm is dedicated to helping clients wrongly injured and we do not back easily. Our Memphis TN legal team will do whatever we can to see that justice is found for your bicycle accident.

Injuries Related to Bicycle Accidents

Depending on where the bicyclist was hit, the victim may suffer from a variety of injuries. These physical wounds can be immensely painful and quite expensive to treat. Medical bills can easily pile high, leaving the bicyclist in financial ruin. Here at Patterson Bray, we firmly believe that you should not have to deal with these repercussions for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Common injuries associated with bicycle accidents can include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Traumatic brain injury

– Facial wounds

– Emotional trauma

– Impalement from broken bike parts

– Road rash

– Broken bones

– Internal bleeding

– Organ damage

– Muscle sprains

– Neck and back injuries

Getting Medical Attention Quickly

An attorney at Patterson Bray is likely to recommend getting medical attention while at the scene of the bicycle accident. A bicyclist that was hit by a vehicle even while going at a slower speed can still cause a significant amount of bodily damage. Call 911 so the police and an ambulance can provide assistance. The officer can take a statement from you about what happened, while a medical team attends to any potential injuries.

Performing a Brief Self-Exam

While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, consider doing a brief self-exam by applying gentle pressure to various areas of your body. The most important areas would be your head, chest, and abdomen. If you feel any tenderness, soreness or notice blood, communicate these observations with the medical team so they can start treating your condition. It is not only crucial to your health to get medical care with urgency after being hit by a car, but also to your lawsuit if you decide to take legal action against the driver later on. It can weaken your case if it took you days or even weeks before you went to the doctor for your injuries.

At Patterson Bray, we pride ourselves on offering quality and professional services to every client that walks through our doors. Your first consultation is free, so please reach out to book an appointment. Once you feel physically well enough to meet with a bike accident lawyer Memphis, TN, clients recommend, we can perform an evaluation of your situation and offer advice on how to proceed.