Electric Bike Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

Electric Bike Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

As an electric bike accident lawyer in Memphis, TN at Patterson Bray has seen before, road rash is when the skin gets an abrasion from scraping against something tough, like cement, gravel, dirt, or other ground material. Victims of electric bike accidents often have some degree of road rash, especially if they were flung from their bike after the car hit them. If this has happened to you or a loved one recently, it is important to know how to take care of such an injury and what you can do to seek compensation from the driver responsible for the accident occurring in the first place. 

What are the symptoms of an infected road rash wound?

Road rash most often looks like a raw, red area of skin that bleeds a little bit. The wound can be very painful, but usually heals within a couple weeks at home. But, there may be circumstances where a person requires medical care to ensure the wound is infection-free and heals within minimal scarring. While most people view road rash as incredibly uncomfortable but minor, a Memphis, TN electric bike accident lawyer advises seeking medical care, as it is possible that the wound was so deep that nerve cells were damaged.

Symptoms of an infected road rash wound include:

  • More severe pain the second day compared to the first
  • More redness, along with swelling
  • Skin feeling warm
  • A foul smell emanating from the wound site
  • Symptoms similar to the flu, like chills, high temperature, and body soreness
  • Green or yellow pus building up in the wound 

At what point does a severe road rash wound become critical?

While rare, it is possible for a road rash wound that is infected to eventually spread into the person’s bloodstream. The electric bike accident victim may face septic shock, which is a life-threatening condition. Blood pressure could lower to unsafe levels, and organ failure can begin. If medical care is not sought regarding these complications, fatality can result. If your road rash wound turned life-threatening, please inform your bike accident lawyer in Memphis, TN immediately. 

When is it time to see a doctor for road rash?

If you were the victim in an electric bike accident and the driver was at-fault, then an electric bike accident lawyer in Memphis from Patterson Bray advises seeing a doctor immediately. If an emergency team arrived at the scene to help you, do not decline care. If you want to pursue legal action later on, it is imperative that you get medical documentation from a professional that describes the severity of your condition. It is time to see your doctor for road rash if you have these symptoms: 

  • The wound is 3x bigger than the palm of your hand
  • The wound is located on your genital area, feet, hands, or face
  • The muscle and/or bone is exposed
  • There are small rocks, glass, or other objects embedded in the wound
  • The wound is bleeding excessively
  • There are signs of infection 

How do I know whether I can get compensation for my road rash medical bills?

A TN electric bike accident lawyer understands that medical care isn’t usually cheap. An electric bike accident victim may have had to pay out of their own pocket for treatment of road rash. If the driver who hit you was at-fault and you get help from our law firm, then you can seek compensation through legal action. In this way, you can get the repayment you need to overcome the accident.

If you would like more information about how we can be of help regarding your accident, please contact a Tennessee electric bike accident lawyer in Memphis at Patterson Bray promptly for support.