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When you would like to create an estate plan, you need the help of an estate planning lawyer Memphis, Tennessee residents can rely on from Patterson Bray. Preparing for a worst-case scenario is never something that you want to do, but failing to do it may hurt you and others. Your estate plan is something that you should not put off too long. Failing to get your wishes down in a legal document may leave those you love facing impossible choices.

A Memphis estate planning lawyer knows that a living will should be a piece of your estate plan. It is a document that sets forth the medical interventions you want hospitals and doctors to make should you be unable to make decisions. Along with a medical power of attorney, it provides a guide for the person you want to appoint to be in charge of your medical care during this time. Understanding what goes into a living will may come in handy when it comes time to create one.

Prolonging Life

The foundation of a living will is to let those around you know what kind of medical care you want after sustaining either a catastrophic injury or illness that leaves you unconscious. The most basic document alerts family and medical personnel about what measures you want taken to extend your life when you enter the end of life phase of care. Some of the medical procedures/measures in this section should include:

  • Surgical intervention
  • Use of a ventilator
  • Blood or plasma transfusion
  • Medication administration
  • CPR
  • Kidney dialysis

You may also want to consider the conditions under which you do and do not wish these life-prolonging actions taken. An estate planning lawyer in Memphis, TN can help you go over the options.

Pain Relief 

If you have dealt with massive trauma or a prolonged and painful illness, you may want to forego life-prolonging care and enter palliative relief. This phase of end-of-life care deals with conditions that will not get better and maybe causing you great pain. The administration of pain medication does not do anything to lengthen your life so it will not go against anything you stated in the prior section. It will, however, help provide you comfort while your body naturally shuts down.

No Further Resuscitation Orders 

One of the things that a hospital does is take every measure possible to resuscitate you if your heart should stop. This includes performing CPR or using electronic paddles to jump-start your heart. Should your health decline to the point that it will not improve, you may want to add a “Do Not Resuscitate” section in your living will. This section will alert your power of attorney and the hospital that you do not desire to have these life-saving measures undertaken.

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Thinking about the end of your life is not a pleasant prospect. However, speaking with an estate planning lawyer Memphis, TN residents rely on from Patterson Bray about preparing yourself and your family for it may make it easier for your loved ones to deal with it when the time comes.