How to Get Help from a Brain Injury Lawyer

Because so many people suffer from traumatic injuries and require rehabilitation, it is no secret that most Americans cannot afford rehabilitation centers and rehab. Medicare, Medicaid and most insurance companies are going to cover the cost of green surgery, and any care that is required to save the patient’s life however after that point the benefits for rehab programs and brain injury physical therapy, are not covered.

Depending upon the type of service you are deceiving you may be paying $600-$8000 a day, and sadly your regular American cannot afford these prices. Because of his lack of coverage, thousands of brain injury patients are going to be discharged from their hospital after their lives are saved and they are out of danger, and they’re not going to get the follow-up care they need.

This means that these patients are left to their own devices in the critical months after brain injury and brain surgery, where they cannot afford to get treatment and they don’t. The brain is supposedly most receptive to healing the first few months after surgery, and this is according to the national Institute on disability and rehabilitation research. So not being able to get the help that they need, lose them with a less than ideal support system and healing structure.

About two thirds of all patients who are discharged from rehab are not going to get any further care after the 16 day treatment that is required. This means that patients without this intensive therapy may not recover for use of their limbs, their ability to speak, their ability to think clearly and much more.

Texas is one of the only states in the United States that require major insurers to cover all the rehab for brain injury. And according to the CDC, 1.7 million people suffered trauma to the brain each year in the United States alone. You may receive a brain injury from a vehicle accident, strokes, and assault, fall, gunshot wounds and sports related incident.

If you suffered a traumatic brain injury, you must speak with your brain injury lawyer, can help you seek the compensation that you deserve. If your brain injuries due to the negligence of somebody on the roadway or to somebody else’s negligence that caused an accident, then your compensation is just a matter of finding a lawyer to work your side.

Your brain injury lawyer is going to be your best bet for finding enough money to continue rehabilitation after the requirement that is covered by insurance.

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