Hit and run accident lawyer Memphis, TN

Hit and run accident lawyer Memphis, TN

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, a hit and run accident lawyer in Memphis, TN at Patterson Bray understands that you may feel there’s not much you can do to receive compensation. Fortunately, there are insurance programs that specifically cover these types of incidents, and legal professionals to guide you through. After being hit and abandoned, here’s what you should do:

1. Report the Incident

A missing second party at the scene is no reason not to call the authorities. There’s still much to report, so a TN hit and run accident lawyer in Memphis recommends calling the police right away. In most areas, it’s your legal responsibility to make this report to the police, and oftentimes a police report can make the claims process run more smoothly. Medical assistance is another reason to report the incident immediately.

2. Receive Medical Care

If you are injured, or even just suspect it without obvious signs, let a paramedic conduct an initial assessment of your condition. If you have serious injuries, it may require a ride to the hospital in an ambulance. Do not refuse medical attention, as it could be detrimental to your health, and could also affect insurance or legal processes.

3. Collect Evidence

Though the at-fault party didn’t stick around, you can still collect evidence. Perhaps you saw the individual’s car as it drove away and could give the police a description. If you were able to catch the license plate number, that would be helpful evidence to share with a Memphis, TN hit and run accident lawyer at Patterson Bray. If you are able, or if there’s someone who can do it for you, take pictures of the accident, your injuries, the damage to your car and the surrounding area.

4. Contact Your Insurer

You’ll need to report the accident to your insurance provider as soon as you are able. In most cases, you’ll be covered by uninsured motorist coverage as the victim of a hit-and-run accident. Some states and insurers waive the deductible for people in a hit-and-run situation, so be sure you check into that before you pay anything. You could also look into personal injury coverage, collision coverage and medical coverage. If you need help regarding your insurance agency or coverage, contact an Auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN for prompt assistance.

5. Contact Your Lawyer

Not every hit-and-run accident will be straightforward, which is why we suggest getting counsel from a hit and run accident lawyer in Tennessee right away. You may have some setbacks with your insurance company. The other driver may eventually be identified. Someone might come forward and accuse you of something. You never know, so it’s important you contact us for help with the legal aspect of the situation.
Getting Started Today

With legal representation, you’re more likely to obtain the compensation you deserve. For more information about your responsibilities as the victim of a hit-and-run, contact a TN hit and run accident lawyer at Patterson Bray today.