How Long Before You Can Get Paid for a Worker’s Compensation?

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Aside from medical expenses, lost wages is the biggest concern for workers who are ill or injured because of their work. Unfortunately, there are a number of confusing rules and regulations, many of which are designed to benefit the employer. States differ on what they require employers to do, but here are some general rules of thumb.

Make Sure You’ve Filed a Claim

Worker’s compensation guidelines (and common sense) tell you to get medical treatment before filing a claim. But don’t delay in filing a claim. You may have seen a company doctor and been provided treatment, but you need to ensure that you or someone on your behalf have filled out the necessary claim forms to get the claims process started. If you’re being rushed into signing any type of waiver or release during this process, don’t sign anything until you talk to a lawyer.

You May Not Be Covered for a Short Period of Disability

States have a variety of laws in this area, but in general you should be prepared for a time period of 3-7 days of work that you might not get paid for if your recovery takes less time than that. If in doubt, contact an attorney to find out what the law is in your area. Don’t take your employer’s word for it.

Processing Your Claim Will Take Some Time

Naturally, the employer and the worker’s compensation insurance company will take some time to process your claim. During this time, you may receive medical care, but lost wages will not be paid out under the policy until they investigate your claim. After the claim has been processed, they have a certain number of days to start making payments. These payments may not be under the same schedule as your regular payroll.

Don’t Expect Full Wages

Most states don’t require employers to pay the full amount of worker’s regular wages while they are out recovering from an illness or injury caused by their work. Typically the amount paid out is about 66 percent. It’s important to be aware of any different requirements the employer may have if you have become temporarily or permanently disabled, as these may up the percentages or even entitle you to an award above what your wages would have been. You should contact an attorney to ensure that the employer is treating you fairly.

Most employers want to help you get back on the job as soon as possible, but be careful that your rights are being respected. 

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