How To Pay Your Bills Following a Bicycle Accident

If you were involved in an accident while on your bicycle, you may have heard that you can seek financial compensation. When you aren’t at fault for an accident, it can be difficult to determine how you’re supposed to pay your medical bills. Most people don’t have the savings necessary to pay for extensive medical assistance. However, if you were to seek financial compensation from the driver, you do not receive it automatically. Here is what you need to know about receiving medical attention following a bicycle accident.

Use Your Health Insurance First

When you arrive at the hospital, you should use your health insurance. When you undergo medical treatment, you have to pay your bills the same way that you would under any other circumstance. Even if you know that another person is responsible for your injuries, you have to wait for your settlement before you can hold him or her accountable. If you have to provide upfront payment, then you should.

When you receive your compensation, you can add all of the medical bills that you already paid. After all, the award is supposed to make up for the cost that you already paid and the costs that you may pay in the future.

Discuss a Payment Plan

If you don’t have the finances to pay all of your bills upfront, then you may want to discuss a payment plan with your medical facility. Many hospitals are willing to work with you when you can’t afford high medical bills. Make sure that you don’t ignore the bill, however. If you ignore what you owe, then your bills could go to a collections agency. Once there, it can harm your credit and you could face a lawsuit of your own.

Seek Financial Compensation

Soon after the accident, you should contact a car accident lawyer. He or she will guide you through the process of filing a claim against the driver. When you are in the middle of a personal injury claim, you can discuss the case with your physician. The hospital may allow you to forego paying bills until you receive compensation. The hospital would put a lien on your award.

When it comes to medical bills, you do need to pay them. Your health insurance can still pay for your medical care. If you do receive compensation, as a personal injury lawyer from Daniel E. Stuart, P.C. can attest to, the insurance company may demand compensation also. 

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