Injury Claims Memphis, TN  Injury Claims Memphis, TN

If you have been injured as a result of someone else’s actions or inactions, it’s important to connect with a lawyer that specializes in injury claims – Memphis, TN residents and residents of surrounding communities should consider contacting the experienced legal team at Patterson Bray as soon as they can. Why is it important to act with such urgency? The law only allows injury victims a certain amount of times to file legal action in the wake of an injury. The sooner you speak with our Tennessee-based team, the sooner you can evaluate your options and make an informed decision about how you would like to move forward.

In the event that you choose to file legal action, allow us to negotiate an insurance settlement, and/or investigate your situation generally, we will aim to move quickly to preserve evidence related to your case. Too often, injury victims aren’t able to benefit from certain kinds of evidence relating to their claims because they waited so long to connect with our Memphis injury law firm that the evidence became compromised over time. In short, it often “pays” (in a variety of ways) to act quickly in re: your legal options in the wake of an injury.

How Do I Know Whether I Have Grounds for Legal Action?

Generally speaking, the law allows injury victims to seek compensation in the event that their injuries resulted from another’s actions or inactions. To be more specific, injury victims generally have grounds to file legal action when someone who owed them a “duty of care” under the law breached that duty through negligent, reckless, or intentional behavior and that breach of duty resulted in the victim’s injuries. This is complex way of saying that if someone else may be at fault for your injuries, you likely have the ability to seek compensation.

Whether you were injured in an auto accident, as a patient of a negligent medical provider, as a result of a defective product, or you have lost a loved one as a result of someone else’s actions or inactions, you may have a legal case to make. Once we learn about your situation, we can advise you of your legal options accordingly.

Legal Assistance Is Available

You don’t need to be sure that you want to file a legal claim – or even that you have grounds upon which to file a legal claim – before you connect with our firm. Our team takes great pride in helping injury victims explore their legal options, regardless of what those options may be. We have learned the ins and outs of the law so that our clients and potential clients can feel confident that they’re receiving knowledgeable counsel. You don’t have to know whether you have grounds for legal action. That’s our job. All you need to do is schedule a free, risk-free consultation with our Memphis, TN injury claims team – we’ll guide you from there.