Law/Medical Tip: Some Tips to Avoid Potentially Fatal Pharmacy Mix-Ups

Law/Medical Tip: Some Tips to Avoid Potentially Fatal Pharmacy Mix-Ups

Most pharmacists do a wonderful job. However, preventable mistakes occur more often than you might think.

We recently posted the news story about the poor pregnant woman who was mistakenly dispensed a cancer drug with side-effects that included induced abortion.  Moreover, in just the past few years, our firm has personally represented 2 different plaintiffs in cases involving 2 separate national chain pharmacies that mistakenly dispensed the wrong medication. And unfortunately, it had serious consequences in those couple of instances — so bad, in fact, that we ended up settling those cases for amounts exceeding six figures to cover the medical bills and impairment of life.  Feel free to call us if you or a family member find yourself in a similar situation and need help.

Of course, the best option is to avoid being a plaintiff in the first place. So protect yourself on the front end.  Resolve to be a responsible partner in your own healthcare. Communicate with your pharmacist and other healthcare providers. Don’t fall victim to the “white coat mentality” where you are intimidated to follow-up or ask what you might think is a stupid question.  ALWAYS ASK EACH AND EVERY QUESTION YOU MAY HAVE, NO MATTER HOW DUMB YOU THINK IT MIGHT BE.  Also, stay vigilant about your medications. Know what your pills are supposed to look like, and what your dosage is supposed to be, and then check all prescriptions carefully (even refills) to make sure you have the correct medication.

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