Lawsuits and Using Social Media

The use of social media has continued to grow exponentially throughout recent years. Many individuals rely on these platforms to regularly stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues. The ability to quickly share personal information through posts, pictures and private messaging often draws the attention of individuals looking to reach a large audience. Although individuals attempt to publicize content that only shows them in a positive manner and accurately mirrors their personality, social media users can also inadvertently create damaging content that puts their character into question. When dealing with a lawsuit, individuals may want to ensure that nothing appears on social media that can potentially be used to discredit their case.

Lack Appropriate Context

The use of social media is an easy way to illustrate the adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When posting pictures to social media, many individuals often forgo the use of lengthy verbiage to explain their content. This leaves interpretation up to the reader. If an individual doesn’t convey relevant information pertaining to the date, location, and intent of the picture, other individuals may perceive the content as something entirely different than what was intended. Messaging that may seem obvious to the person posting the content on social media may be read differently by the person on the receiving end. Given that the success of a lawsuit can be influenced by perception, it is essential to avoid publishing any content that doesn’t provide adequate context and has the potential to be misinterpreted.

Damage Case

Social media can be used to shine a light on an individual’s deceptions or wrongdoings. Combing through an individual’s social media accounts is something that can easily be done by an investigator or opposing counsel to gather evidence that may contradict previously stated claims. Pictures, posts or messages that may negate the severity of an injury or the time in which it took place can be used to prove that false claims regarding damages were reported. Such an occurrence may therefore put an individual’s credibility into question. Due to the fact that an individual cannot control how friends may react to or comment on posts, cutting out the use of social media would assist in eliminating any incriminating information that a third party might provide.

When filing a lawsuit, it is essential that an individual know how to properly go about handling their case. Contact a personal injury lawyer from a firm like Greenspan & Greenspan discuss how the presence of social media may interfere with any legal proceedings.

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