Memphis Scooter Accident LawyerMemphis Scooter Accident Lawyer


Have you been injured while riding a scooter in Memphis? If so, you have the right to ask a Memphis scooter accident lawyer to review your case at no charge. Call Patterson Bray,  now. 

In Memphis, electric scooters have become a popular way to get around the city. The scooters are affordable and enable people to drop them off at a destination point. Another advantage of these electric devices is that the rider does not need a drivers license. Although they provide ample benefits and convenience, the primary concern of electric scooters is that a lot of people are treating them like a toy. Unfortunately, this has led to a large number of accidents. 


Potential Hazards of Electric Scooters


Our scooter accident lawyers in Memphis, TN know of many different cases that have involved injured scooter riders, pedestrians, and drivers of vehicles. Several of these cases have involved:


A child using the scooter

A rider using the scooter without a helmet

A faulty or defective scooter

Abandonment of the scooter in an unsafe area

Two people using the scooter at the same time

Swerving in and out of pedestrian or bike paths


If you have been injured while riding an electric scooter, please talk with an electric scooter accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee from Patterson Bray.


Risks of Electric Scooters


As a Memphis personal injury lawyer might explain to you, electric scooters can go up to 15-18 miles per hour. Even though that might not seem very fast, the injuries sustained can be serious or life threatening. There are no walls to protect the rider of a scooter; thus, when an impact occurs, their body will take most of it. Risks of using these scooters include:


There is a lack of visibility to other drivers

Scooters may be vandalized

There are no walls or anything to protect the rider

Most riders are young and have high risk behaviors

Hitting any kind of debris in the road can be hazardous

Locking the front brake could lead to the rider being thrown over the scooter

Many riders lack the necessary experience


Defective Electric Scooters


At our firm, many of our scooter accident lawyers Memphis has to offer have spoken with injured riders and their loved ones who ended up in the hospital because the scooter was defective. These devices are subjected to wear and tear. Although the scooter companies have a duty to maintain them, this is not always done. If you believe the scooter was defective, call one of our Memphis, TN scooter accident lawyers. 


Electric Scooter Accidents in Memphis


Electric scooter accident claims are relatively new; therefore, there are limited laws specific to these types of cases. What this means for victims is that filing for compensation can be somewhat difficult. In general, you should not proceed in this type of case without an experienced scooter accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee. If you are ready to explore your legal options, please call Patterson Bray,  now.