Car Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Memphis, TN Car Accident Lawyer

Car accidents are disorienting. Whether you’ve been involved in a fender-bender or a major collision, if you’ve recently been involved in an accident, you’re probably feeling dazed. That’s both normal and okay. By connecting with an experienced Memphis, Tennessee car accident lawyer, you can trust that the “legal side” of your situation has been placed in capable hands so that you can focus on your recovery. You don’t have to handle the aftermath of your accident alone. The team at Patterson Bray is here to help.

What should I do immediately after my accident?

If you haven’t yet taken these steps, please do so as soon as you possibly can:

  1. Move your vehicle to safety. 
  2. Check on other drivers and parties involved. 
  3. Call 9-1-1 – Nothing is more important than your health.
  4. Contact a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer.
  5. Take down the other driver(s) contact and insurance information.
  6. Get any witness statements and contact information, if possible.
  7. Take as many photos of the accident as possible. 
  8. Have yourself checked out by emergency services
  9. Follow up with your own doctor and comply with anything they tell you to do, such as taking medication or time off of work. 

My injuries aren’t that bad, can I refuse medical attention? 

It is absolutely vital that you do not refuse any medical attention from on-scene medical responders. Even if you think your injuries are not extensive, you could be putting yourself in a very tough situation. Your shock could be masking the pain of your injuries and then later when you realize the severity, you might not be able to get the settlement you’re actually entitled to. If you refuse medical attention, the insurance company can see that as your affirmation that, since your injuries weren’t significant enough to receive medical care, they aren’t significant enough to receive a settlement. It’s also important that you see your own doctor as well to provide an independent review of your injuries. Once you’ve received medical attention, a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer can help you explore your legal options. 

Well, how much is my case worth? 

The answer to this question really depends on the specifics of your case. There are a few different types of damages that you can seek to recover when filing your claim, such as loss of wages, medical expenses, property damage, and even pain and suffering. Consult with a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer about what you can reasonably expect to recover, as well as their estimation of what your case might be worth. 

Can I Recover Damages if My Car Accident Happened on Ice?

For many, winter is the best time of year as the world is blanketed in snow and everyone visits friends and families for the many holidays celebrated around the world. But it is unfortunately also the most dangerous time of year for travel, as snow and ice lead to a sharp increase in bad accidents. It would be understandable to assume that inclement weather exempts a driver from liability if they are involved in an accident due to ice. But does the law see it that way?

The Driver at Fault

Unfortunately for many drivers involved in ice-related accidents, they may still be at fault if they slide into another car or become the cause of a multi-car pile-up. While drivers cannot control the icy, wintery conditions, they are expected to control their car safely and appropriately. To drive safely in inclement weather sometimes means not driving at all. The liability lies in the choice to drive when it is unsafe to do so, such as when a reckless driver chooses to speed or to ignore a red light.

But it is unreasonable to forgo driving all winter long. If a driver must drive when the roads are unsafe, then the law expects them to do so reasonably. That is, they must drive cautiously by slowing their speed and following at a greater distance so that they can safely regain control if they hit a patch of ice.

Others at Fault

The driver at fault may not be the only one liable for the accident. Some situations may arise where snow and black ice are unexpected. Perhaps a poorly designed road does not drain properly and so melting snow is allowed to collect and freeze, or a town neglects to salt the road after a storm. In these cases, the prevention of hazardous road conditions turns the fault of the accident on the entity that manages the road.

Personal Injury Protection

The good news is that many car insurance policies include personal injury protection (or “PIP”). This type of policy protects drivers in many of the worst-case scenarios where they would not be able to recover damages otherwise. In this case, even if a driver is liable for a winter weather accident, or is the only vehicle involved, PIP policies help drivers recover damages including medical costs or property damage.

While ice doesn’t absolve a driver for damages sustained in an accident, a personal injury lawyer may be able to help you determine if you can recover some of the damages you’ve sustained. Call us now to find out how we can help today. The team at Patterson Bray is here for you.