ObamaCare at the Supreme Court: Recap of Day 2

ObamaCare at the Supreme Court: Recap of Day 2

My friend Hans von Spakovsky has been attending the oral argument at the Supreme Court and has summary of what how things went yesterday in his article over at PJ Media.

One interesting quote in particular from the article:

Both before and after the arguments, I had revealing conversations with a liberal professor in the courtroom.  He agreed that the government’s chief problem is that it had not provided a limiting factor or boundary line in any of its previous arguments.  Thus, if the Supreme Court agrees that Congress has the power to compel the purchase of an insurance policy from a private company, it could compel the purchase of virtually anything considered good or prudent.  After the arguments ended, the professor agreed that Verrelli had been unable to come up with a concise and reasonable answer to that question, which was asked of him multiple times by different justices.

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