Pedestrian-Auto Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Pedestrian-Auto Accident Lawyer Memphis, TNEvery year, millions of people sustain a non-fatal injury due to car accidents, as a pedestrian-auto accident lawyer in Memphis, TN can explain. Distracted and negligent driving are responsible for many mild to severe injuries that leave a long-lasting impact. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable, and with increasingly congested streets the likelihood of motor vehicle accidents occurring continue to mount. Drivers who hit pedestrians should be pursued to the fullest extent under the law. If you have been struck by a vehicle, you have a right to file a claim and get fair compensation that may reduce your financial burden. If you or a loved one have been injured in an auto accident, you may want to contact a qualified lawyer like Patterson Bray Attorneys, PLLC to discuss ways you can take legal action. 

Pedestrian-Auto Accident Lawyer in Memphis, TN

Experiencing an injury due to an auto accident can be traumatic for many people. Accidents that involve pedestrians are frequent in many areas, particularly urban and suburban environments. Victims who have suffered an injury due to a car accident can speak to a lawyer who has years of litigation experience working in a Memphis injury law firm.

Determining Who is at Fault

An insurance company adjuster determines who’s at fault in cases involving an auto accident. In some circumstances, it’s not always immediately clear who is at fault, and sometimes there are multiple parties who are at fault. After an auto accident, insurance company adjusters determine fault by examining evidence, such as a police report. They might evaluate statements from you and the driver who hit you. Whether you can file a claim and pursue compensation depends on if the other driver was at fault, as decided by the insurance adjuster. 

Auto Accident Prevention and Safety

As a pedestrian, there are several ways you can protect yourself and decrease the likelihood of being involved in an auto accident. Pay attention to posted traffic signs and don’t jaywalk. 

Avoid distracted walking, such as looking at your phone while walking on sidewalks or listening to music near busy streets. Whether you’re in a parking lot or suburban neighborhood, you should stay mindful of your surroundings. Staying alert at all times can keep you from being injured in an accident. 

If you are operating a motor vehicle, always practice safe driving at all times, especially in high-traffic areas. Travel at safe speeds, following traffic signs and laws. Scan the road for hazards and pedestrians. Keep your phone out of reach and avoid distractions. Use navigation systems carefully as they take your attention off the road. 

Make an Appointment For Legal Assistance

Auto accidents caused by negligent drivers are a daily occurrence, but victims have the right to file a claim and seek compensation. With the assistance of a knowledge lawyer who will aggressively fight the responsible parties involved, you may be able to obtain a fair settlement that may cover a portion of your losses. To explore legal options available to you, schedule a confidential consultation with a pedestrian-auto accident lawyer trusted in the Memphis, Tennessee area now.