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If you are struggling with a workplace injury and are unsure of what to do, you should reach out to a Memphis workplace injury attorney. Most people spend a lot of time at work. Because of that, on-the-job injuries are some of the most common injuries that adults sustain. When someone is injured at work, one of the first steps that they should take is notifying their employer and initiating a workers’ compensation claim through the employer’s process. In advance of contacting a Memphis workplace injury attorney, you may be wondering if you qualify for workers’ compensation benefits. This is a commonly asked question, and it’s an unfortunate fact that an injured worker may not feel safe or comfortable asking their supervisor or the workers’ compensation carrier. The injured worker may also fear they are at risk for losing their job if they refute information provided to them about workers’ compensation benefits or if they appeal a denial. At Patterson Bray, our workplace injury lawyer is familiar with all of these scenarios, and for many years we have focused on protecting the rights of employees who suffer serious injuries while on the job. If you were injured while working, it’s important to contact our workplace injury attorney in Memphis, TN before agreeing to a claim denial or a benefits package which may be far less than what you deserve.

What are workers’ compensation benefits?

Every state has some type of law regarding workers’ compensation benefits and what companies are required to have in place. That said, an insurance company has the authority to accept or deny an injured worker’s claim as does the employer. However, there is an appeals process. A worker who suffers a serious injury while working should qualify for benefits which typically include a percentage of their normal earnings and medical treatment. If they are denied these benefits, or the benefits fall far too short of what is needed for recovery, it’s important for the employee to reach out to a Memphis workplace injury attorney they can trust from Patterson Bray. If this describes your situation, after a review of your case, we can provide you with invaluable guidance and insight. This can make your decision process immeasurably easier.

Medical bills associated with workplace injuries should be paid by the employer or its insurance carrier. Sometimes, however, the employer doesn’t treat its injured worker fairly. Perhaps the medical bills don’t get paid, or the injured worker doesn’t receive his salary while he is out from his injury.

In these situations, injured workers need a lawyer that understands the sometimes complex intricacies of the workplace injury laws in Tennessee. They also need a lawyer that cares about their unique situation. On-the-job injuries are unforeseen interruptions in a person’s normal routine and frequently result in tremendous financial pressure on families. We understand that and work fast to relieve that pressure. Additionally, sometimes injuries that happen at work are caused by people or companies other than the injured person’s employer. If a third party caused the injury, then you likely have a claim against them, separate and apart from your workers’ comp claim.

Handling these dual tracks can be challenging and our firm has extensive experience successfully managing simultaneous claims arising out of a single injury. Properly pursuing both claims is tough, so make sure you partner with a lawyer that is up to the task.

What makes someone eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

Not every workplace injury meets eligibility requirements for workers’ compensation benefits. If you are unsure, and because every situation is unique, contact a workplace injury attorney in Memphis to discuss your eligibility. The extent of the injury and its impact on the worker’s ability to perform their job is expected to be reflected in the amount and type of benefits they receive. Our attorneys at Patterson Bray can help you get the benefits you deserve.

Who is not eligible for workers’ compensation benefits?

There are exceptions to the following, as our Memphis workplace injury attorneys might tell you. However, generally speaking a worker who is injured on the job under one of the following sets of circumstances may not qualify for workers’ compensation benefits:

  • They were injured on the job in the course of committing a crime. Examples are: while committing assault or battery, robbery, sexual assault, etc.
  • They were injured on the job while under the influence of alcohol or illegal use of narcotics.

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