What Qualifies an Accident as a Personal Injury Claim?

A personal injury lawyer Memphis, TN residents trust represents many clients who have suffered an injury sustained in an accident. Many victims are able to collect monetary damages because of the injuries they have suffered. However, it is important to remember that not all accident injuries are personal injury cases. Some accidents are caused by the victim themselves, or by an act of nature. A Memphis personal injury lawyer may be able to discuss with you what type of legal options you may have for your injuries.

A person who is injured in an accident caused by nature cannot file a personal injury claim. Accidents caused by another person’s negligence, such as motor vehicle crashes and slip and fall accidents, do qualify as personal injury cases. Negligence is considered another party’s failure to exercise the same care in which a reasonable person would use under the same circumstances. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Memphis, TN may be able to determine if your accident was caused by someone else’s negligence.

Once a personal injury lawyer Memphis TN victims depend on determines there is negligence, it must then be determined what your financial and/or noneconomic damages are. Financial damages can cover the medical expenses you have incurred for treatment of your injuries, including hospital stays, surgeries, medication, and therapy. You may also have lost wages from missed time from work because of your injuries and may be able to be compensated for those wages. In order to prove financial damages, make sure you save all records, receipts, and any other documents which your Memphis personal injury lawyer can use in your claim.

You may also be able to recover non-economic damages for your injuries. These damages cover the pain, emotional loss, loss of enjoyment, and other nonfinancial ways the injuries have impacted your life. Many accident victims suffer such severe injuries that they are unable to do many of the activities they enjoyed doing before the accident. In these situations, a personal injury attorney Memphis TN victims rely on may also seek non-economic damages.

Let a Personal Injury Lawyer Memphis, TN Victims Trust Fight for You

The process of pursuing a personal injury claim can be a complicated process. In addition, insurance companies will likely do everything they can to either decrease or even deny your injury claim. This is why it is critical to have an aggressive Memphis personal injury lawyer fighting for you.

Depending on the extent of the injuries you have received, you may be facing medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and lost wages because you are unable to work. These are all damages that you may be able to recover in a personal injury claim. The skilled attorneys at Patterson Bray are happy to discuss your case in detail during a complimentary case evaluation. To schedule an appointment with a trusted personal injury lawyer Memphis TN has to offer, contact us today at (901) 372-5003 or fill out a contact form from our website.