Real Property Lawyer Memphis, TN

When you are purchasing property and need to go through the process of having your property inspected and signing contracts, you should work with a real property lawyer Memphis, TN relies on from Patterson Bray. We understand that many people may be confused about working with a real estate agent and an attorney, but when there is a contract involved and you are making a large purchase, it can be incredibly helpful to have an attorney on your side to ensure you are making a wise decision. Call our office now if you would like to get to work on purchasing a property. 

How can an attorney help me with my closing? 

If you are purchasing a home or some type of property, you likely already realize that this is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime and you want to ensure that you are not overspending or getting a bad deal. While a real estate agent can be helpful during this process, they will not have the legal background necessary if an issue arises with the closing or if the selling party does not hold up their end of the contract. Your attorney can also help explain legal real estate documents and go over the details of contracts before you sign them so you know what you are getting into. 

Can’t I just use my real estate agent for the purchasing process? 

While a real estate agent will be the person you want when it comes to negotiating prices for a house and walking you through different listings, a real estate attorney can provide you with legal advice, draft contracts, and review any purchasing documents. 

Why else is it important to have an attorney on your side during this process? 

Especially if you are considering creating an estate plan once you purchase property, it can be helpful to have an estate planning lawyer Memphis, TN offers on your side so that you can begin the process shortly after purchasing property. This can make your estate planning much simpler when you have an attorney who knows the property intimately and can assist you in drafting an estate plan. 

Do I need a property survey? 

A property survey is useful because it helps determine where your property’s boundaries are. This is especially important if you want to conduct any work on your land or if a boundary issue comes up with a neighbor. 

Are you interested in purchasing property? Speak with a Memphis, Tennessee real property lawyer now from Patterson Bray.