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At Patterson Bray, a Road Rash lawyer Memphis, TN community members depend on has represented victims of motorcycle accidents for many years. We have successfully achieved substantial settlements for our clients. We understand that motorcycle accidents in particular can cause some of the most painful types of injuries, and are here to help you pursue compensation for injuries, damages, and losses that you faced because of another’s carelessness on the road.

If you or a family member was the victim in a motorcycle accident and was seriously hurt, then we strongly advise speaking with a dedicated member of our team today.

A Painful Injury: Road Rash

Roadrash from a motorcycle accident, otherwise called road burn, is a very painful injury that happens when a motorcyclist’s skin makes contact with the road and gets scraped. Road rash causes the skin to be worn, revealing raw and sensitive skin layers underneath. The extent of the damage can be deep enough to expose muscles, tissue, and bone. A motorcyclist that wears protective gear may still get road rash if the impact wore through clothing. Roadrash can range in mild to severe, where hospitalization is required for treatment. Furthermore, the motorcyclist may be left with permanent disfigurements because of the skin trauma. 


The Treatment Process

Victims who have mild road rash can clean the area, cover in bandage, and apply ointments to protect against infection while aiding healing. We are not medical experts, so a Motorcycle accident lawyer Memphis, TN families trust does advise always seeing a doctor for cases of road rash. Additionally, by seeing your doctor you are starting a paper trail for your case, which can be helpful in seeking restitution for medical bills, treatment, loss of wage from missing work, and more.

Road rash on the moderate level may cause substantial bleeding and scarring. Keeping the injured skin clean and your body hydrating during the healing process is crucial. Scabs that form on the area must be left alone, so they fall off on their own. A doctor can inspect and dress your wound, while suggesting a proper course of treatment. Your doctor can show you the best way to change your bandages and care for the injured skin.

For severe road rash, muscles and bone may be exposed. Immediate medical attention is necessary, and the rider must be wary of going into shock. Calling 911 for help without hesitation can make all the difference, so please put your health first. Recovering from road rash of this degree may entail multiple surgeries, skin grafts, and remaining in the hospital for days or weeks.

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