Safe Alternatives to Driving While Intoxicated

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The decision to get behind the wheel of a car and drive intoxicated is often a poor lapse in judgement. For some, doing so can become the norm. Some drivers regularly make the decision to drive intoxicated. Although there are a number of reasons for this, none of them warrant or justify the risk driving drunk can pose to not only the driver, but others on the roads. 

Each year, drunk driving claims thousands of victims. In 2016, more than 10,000 fatalities from car accidents involved drunk driving. This made up nearly 28% of all fatalities on the road that year. The consequences of a DWI, and the risk to others on the road can be easily mitigated when a driver accesses safe alternatives when intoxicated. Next time a driver considers getting behind the wheel after overindulging in alcohol, it’s always best to make alternative plans to getting behind the wheel and driving:

Call an Uber, Lyft or Taxi Service

Contacting a company to transport you to your destination may ensure that you arrive safely. Not only is it easy, with technology today people rarely have to spend time looking up phone numbers. The yellow pages are a thing of a past when it comes to hunting down a professional to drive a person home. Many companies, such as Uber or Lyft even offer a phone app that allows for the person in need of a ride to handle the transaction entirely from their phone. Some of these services may not be available depending on a person’s location. It’s important to pre-plan whenever possible and secure availability prior to the precise moment you are in need of a ride. The last thing a person wants is to find that companies like Uber or Lyft do not have drivers in your area. 

Appoint a Designated Driver

When going out with friends for a night on the town, do you appoint a designated driver? Appointing a designated driver, whom you can trust to refrain from drinking for the night can be a safe option for a group. It’s important to be sure that the person volunteering to drive is someone you know will be able to resist the temptation to consume alcohol. Make a clear plan at the beginning of the night before people become intoxicated. Knowing what to expect can help to prevent any problems or confusion over who was supposed to carry this responsibility. 

Stay the Night

If you find that you are stranded, or are unable to find a way home, don’t take getting behind the wheel intoxicated as the only option. Driving drunk should never be an option. Make plans to stay at a friend’s house or walk to a nearby hotel. The decision to drink can be more costly than putting yourself in a hotel room for the night. 


If you are close enough, it is safe enough, and the weather is appropriate, walk home. This can be a good alternative for people who live conveniently enough to be able to do so. However, those living in colder climates should take care in ensuring they have the ability to make it home safely, as winter conditions can be unsafe for someone walking home. 

Public Transportation

Take advantage of public transportation in your area. Is there a subway or metro available for you to take? Most cities, even smaller ones have some form of bus transit. It’s important to note that you may want to look into this ahead of time to ensure that public transportation will be available to get you to where you need to go, you understand how to use it, and it runs during the hours that you need it to. 

In an instant, one bad decision can be life-changing, not only for a driver who has received a DWI, but for victims. Accident victims stand to face grave consequences at the hands of drunk drivers. Consequences that they may carry with them for a number of years. As an accident victim, the idea of being left to pick up the pieces to tragic events that were beyond their control can be disheartening. For victims facing damages, contacting a car accident lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee may be the proper recourse for securing the compensation they may be entitled to. 

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