Scooter Moped Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

Scooter Moped Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

A scooter moped accident lawyer in Memphis, TN at Patterson Bray knows that scooters and mopeds have become increasingly popular forms of transportation. Scooters and mopeds can be a great alternative as it saves people money and is fun to cruise around in. Despite how enjoyable it can be to ride them, accidents can still happen. We have helped many victims who were involved in such an accident recover damages from the at-fault driver.

Scooters, mopeds, and bicycle riders alike are all vulnerable to being clipped by a careless vehicle driver. If you became the victim in a bicycle accident, then please reach out to a bicycle accident lawyer in Memphis, TN immediately for assistance.

The Size of Scooters and Mopeds to Standard Vehicles

In the event of a crash between a scooter or moped rider and a standard vehicle, the former is much more likely to face potentially life-threatening injuries. Scooters and mopeds are significantly smaller than cars, and in many cases victims have to be ushered to the hospital for emergency medical care.

A Memphis, TN scooter moped accident lawyer strongly advises getting medical attention promptly after the incident, even if you don’t think you have serious injuries. It isn’t uncommon for someone who has been through an accident to feel okay the same day, but then worsen in the days after.

Common Injuries for Scooter and Moped Riders

Someone who is hit by a car driver while on a scooter or moped, may suffer injuries like broken bones, road rash, traumatic head injury, spine damage, concussion, neck injury, dislocated shoulder, lacerations, and more. Even if the rider was wearing a helmet, he or she could endure very painful and expensive injuries. 

As a scooter moped accident lawyer in Memphis has seen before, these accidents can cause long-term pain and suffering for both the injured person and his or her family. The victim may need to be out of work to recover and have costly medical bills to pay. In more severe circumstances, the injuries could prevent the victim from returning to their same job and also hinder their ability to get work in the future. 

Gathering Evidence

A major factor in whether you get the compensation you need in a lawsuit is based on the quality of the evidence you can bring forward against the driver who hit you. Evidence can be things like photographs of your visible injuries, scooter or moped damage, tire marks on the road, witness statements, and medical assessments by a doctor.

How We Can Help

Our team can help victims of scooter and moped accidents by performing investigations, negotiating on your behalf, offering guidance when filing a lawsuit against the driver who hit you, and implementing strategy in hopes of getting you the maximum compensation possible. We can imagine how this incident could have impacted your life for the worse. We are here to help. 

For more information about how we can offer support, call us to book your free, zero obligation case evaluation with a scooter moped accident lawyer in Tennessee at Patterson Bray