Car Accident Injuries That are More Serious Than You May Think

Car Accident Lawyer

Being part of a car accident can be so stressful. The incident itself can be terrifying, and then there’s insurance to deal with in the days afterwards. Many people can forget the importance of seeing a doctor right away, as they are dealing with insurance companies, repair shops, employers, and more. If you are having trouble and need support after a car accident, you can turn to an attorney for guidance. We understand how a vehicle collision can impact your life in many ways, including your funds, health, and employment.

We encourage people who were recently victims of car accidents to meet with a doctor if they have not already. Injuries related to a car collision can be much more serious than you think.

Knee Injuries

There are several ways a knee can get damaged in a car accident. The driver or passenger may be thrown forward against the steering wheel or dashboard in such a way that the knee endures direct trauma. The knee cap may shatter, cartilage can get damaged, and knee meniscus may tear. Knee cap injuries can be extremely painful, requiring surgery for very severe cases. How badly a knee is injured may not be obvious immediately, as inflammation may need to go down first.

Shoulder Injuries

Most people understand that neck and back injuries are common for car accidents. However, a nearby area that may be forgotten about are the shoulders. A seat belt only wraps across one shoulder, so a large portion of the impact is sustained on that side of the body. This force can lead to the shoulder getting bruised, strained or even sustaining tears of ligaments. Shoulder injuries do not often get better on their own, and may require surgery to repair especially if ligaments were severely shredded. An attorney recommends getting a doctor’s exam and treatment promptly, so a shoulder injury doesn’t worsen or become chronic overtime.

Brain Injury

Not all brain injuries are externally visible. A person may sustain a brain injury and not have any wounds or cracks on his or her skull. Because of this, the victim driver may assume no damage has been done. However, the brain may have started bleeding or swelling internally due to the impact. A person may go home after a car accident with a bad headache, but assume it will go away with rest and over-the-counter pain relief medication. Headaches can actually be a symptom of brain injuries, and emergency medical intervention may be needed before the condition worsens to critical levels. The treatment for a brain injury can be expensive, so we suggest keeping a file with doctor’s evaluations, hospital records, emergency bills, treatment costs, prescribed medications, and anything else related to the injury. These documents can be useful in calculating how much you deserve in compensation in for the car accident.

An car accident lawyer offers can evaluate your situation and offer advice on how to not only seek justice but financial restitution for your injuries. Things may only get more complicated in the aftermath of a car accident, so please contact an attorney today.

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