The Role that Forensic Accident Reconstruction Plays in Personal Injury Claims

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In the aftermath of a car accident, it is not always clear how the accident occurred and what party was at fault for the accident. Proving fault in an accident is an essential key to a successful lawsuit. The accident may have resulted in severe injuries or even deaths that prevent the drivers from accurately recalling the details of the crash. Witnesses can be unreliable and depending on their location or view of the accident, may have conflicting testimony. The best way to accurately depict the events of a car accident it to utilize the skills of a forensic accident reconstructionist.

A forensic accident reconstructionist is a trained professional who uses engineering principles, laws of physics, witness testimony, police reports and evidence from the scene to piece together the details of the car accident. They can accurately determine what happened before, during and after the car crash and who was at fault for the crash.

There are many elements that must be considered when recreating an accident scene like weather conditions, time of day, distractions, road construction and mechanical failures. All of these issues can greatly affect how a car accident takes place. A reconstruction team will use surveying equipment to create a perfectly accurate model of the scene to recreate the accident with all of the various elements in place.

The reconstructionist must also take into consideration the type of cars being driven. The weight and size of a car will have an effect on how fast the vehicle can stop or accelerate at different speeds. For example, a reconstructionist can determine a vehicles speed based on the type of vehicle, the length of skid marks left on the road and the location of impact. These calculations can help determine whether a driver was speeding and therefore at fault for the accident.

An experienced car accident lawyer  trusts will likely consult a forensic accident reconstructionist because this professional can be used as an expert witness at trial. The reconstructionist can prepare models, computer designs and animations to present their findings. This testimony can be critical in determining fault in a personal injury claim.

If you were injured in an accident in which fault is not cut and dry, you can discuss using the expertise of an accident reconstruction specialist with your attorney to assist in your claim. This professional and expert witness will be able to piece together the fragments of your accident to determine fault and make sure that you have the tools necessary to win your lawsuit.

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