Tow Truck Accident Lawyer Memphis TN

Tow Truck Accident Lawyer Memphis TNA tow truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray knows that managing severe injuries following a trucking accident can be incredibly painful, time-consuming and full of unknowns. It’s only natural that you will be in search of answers following such a serious accident, especially when it comes to your legal case. Contacting a Trucking accident lawyer in Memphis, TN soon after an accident can help provide you with the answers to all of your questions, and more. 

What are the first steps I should take following a truck accident?

There can be a number of initial steps you may be required to take following a trucking accident. At the scene, if you are able, it’s important that you gather as much information as possible, including ensuring that police are called to the scene, getting yourself to a safe place and gathering information from the driver. However, because trucking accidents can be so serious, you may be unable to take any next steps immediately following an accident. You will want to make sure that you obtain medical treatment for your injuries. 

How long should I take before filing a truck accident claim?

The sooner you take action with help from a Tennessee tow truck accident lawyer in Memphis, the better it is for your case. Taking action when information is still fresh can make it easier to represent you in your case. However, you do have a specified amount of time in which you can take legal action, this is known as the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations varies depending upon the state you live in and is the length of time you have to take legal action. Once this timeframe closes, you will no longer have the ability to take legal action. 

Is it worth it to hire a truck accident lawyer when I can represent myself?

You may be tempted to represent yourself when attempting to obtain a settlement. While you may be looking to avoid paying a trucking lawyer, in the long run an experienced Memphis tow truck accident lawyer from Patterson Bray can prove essential to your case. The legal process can be complex and will require a lawyer who can navigate these complicated waters. We can ensure that your claim is properly valued and will work to prepare and negotiate a settlement in your favor. 

How long will it take to resolve my case?

Accident victims will be eager to reach a resolution as quickly as possible. However, as your Memphis, TN tow truck accident lawyer may tell you during a consultation, the timeframes can vary depending upon the case. If your case is able to reach a settlement, the process is often much faster than if your case reaches litigation. It may be necessary to pursue a lawsuit for a number of reasons. Some examples include: negotiations reach a stalemate or your claim has been denied.

If you have been injured at the hands of a negligent truck driver, you may have the ability to take legal recourse. Injuries that have resulted from a trucking accident can be serious, and in some cases permanent. For more information regarding the proper steps to take, and to learn more about how a Memphis, Tennessee tow truck accident lawyer can help, call us at Patterson Bray today.