What Are Common Types Of Truck Accidents? 

A seasoned truck accident lawyer handles many different types of cases, from drunk driving accidents to road rage incidents. Some of the most common types of truck accident cases that a lawyer often assists clients with include front-end accidents, rear-end accidents, T-bone accidents, jackknife accidents, and rollover accidents. In many cases, accidents are preventable and are a result of reckless or distracted driving. 

Why should I not admit fault or accept blame? 

Knowing how to protect your legal rights after a truck accident is crucial. You want to be careful that you don’t implicate yourself in an accident. Even if you were partially at fault in an accident, you should not admit fault or accept blame, because it could severely damage your case. You should only discuss your case with a qualified lawyer, and not provide any kind of apology to the other driver or local authorities. Receive counsel from a trusted lawyer so that you do not accidentally say the wrong thing. 

What parties can I file a lawsuit against?

In a truck accident, there are often multiple parties involved. Apart from the truck driver and carrier, there are other parties who may be held liable. This includes the manufacturer, third party vendor, and shipper. It can take time to determine all of the parties that may have played a role in an accident. 

You can receive legal assistance from a competent lawyer like one from Patterson Bray PLLC who can skillfully advocate for you. No matter how you were injured in a truck accident, a skilled lawyer can evaluate your case to determine who is at fault and pursue them. They have helped clients with a wide range of scenarios, so they know how to approach each type of case. Schedule a risk-free consultation with a trusted Memphis, TN-based truck accident lawyer now if you need legal assistance after suffering injuries in an accident.

A truck accident can be a life-changing and shocking experience, as a truck accident lawyer in Memphis, TN knows. If you have suffered injuries in any kind of truck accident, such as front end collisions, rear end accidents, sideswipe accidents and others, you may benefit from reaching out to a qualified lawyer who can advocate on your behalf. You should take the time to explore your legal options and determine if you are eligible to recover financial compensation. Below are some common questions that a Memphis, TN-based truck accident lawyer such as one at Patterson Bray PLLC typically receives from accident victims during a consultation. 

Is it worth hiring an accident lawyer? 

Navigating a complex truck accident claim can be a challenge if you do not have sufficient understanding of the law, and are not sure where to move forward. Hiring a qualified personal injury lawyer who has extensive experience handling cases is worth the investment. You should hire a lawyer who has years of experience in litigation, achieving excellent results for their clients. Find a lawyer who has experience working on cases that have similar elements to yours. If you want to understand your legal options, reach out to our office and give us a call now to get started. 

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