What To Do If You’re Partly at Fault for an Accident

Nobody enjoys being in an accident. If you’re at fault for the accident, it can be more stressful. Maybe you’re not completely at fault, however, and you feel you have a stronger case than the other party. What should you do?

Be Careful Who You Talk To

If you feel you could be partly at fault for an accident, you should be careful about who you talk to. Any information you give to a police officer can be used against you. If you give too much information to an insurance adjuster or other insurance representative, that can also be used against you. Your friends and family members aren’t always going to keep your secrets and any witnesses you speak to could also give information about your conversation to the insurance company or the authorities. It’s often in your best interest to keep all of your confidential information for your lawyer.

Gather Evidence

Each state handles partial fault cases differently. In some areas, you may not be able to seek any compensation if you hold even a small percentage of fault. In other areas, you can be compensated up to 50%, after which you are no longer entitled to compensation. To receive the most compensation possible, you should gather all the evidence you can. This would include photographs of the accident and photographs of your injuries. You should get witness statements and contact information. You should hold on to medical records and other professional documents that give an accurate picture of what happened.

With all of your evidence, it’s possible you can gain more compensation than you may have thought to begin with. You might be able to prove that you weren’t responsible for any portion of the accident after all, which could lead to greater compensation.

Work with a Lawyer

Too many individuals who are injured at the hands of another will try to handle the case on their own. While this could be effective in mild cases, it is often more efficient to work with a lawyer. Especially if a police report or insurance adjuster claims you are partially responsible for the accident, a legal professional might be your best bet for gaining any compensation at all.

As you can see, it’s not the end of the world if someone says you are partly responsible for an accident. Being careful who you talk to, gathering evidence and working with a lawyer are just a few ways you can have more success when seeking compensation. Contact a personal injury lawyer, like one from David & Philot, P.L., when you’re ready to learn more.

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