Will A Bond Motion Work For My Case?

Bond motions make the world go around if you’re in jail and cannot get out. A bond motion is that glimmer of hope that really could mean the difference between freedom and continuing to be incarcerated until your case is over. According to our friends at Garrett, Walker, Aycoth & Olson, Attorneys at Law, a bond motion lawyer will be able to argue the nuances of your case, who you are as a person and a number of other aspects of your case in order to find a way for you to be released.


A bond motion lawyer will understand there are two prongs a judge will look at when it comes to setting a bond. The first is whether or not you’re a danger to the community and the second is whether or not you’re a flight risk.

A danger to the community is typically based on your current pending charges and your prior history. If you have a pending shooting case, they’re typically going to find that you’re a danger to the community and will probably set a higher bond than they would otherwise. If you have an assault on a female, or some other form of assaultive behavior on your record, they again may find you to be a danger to the community.

Whether or not you’re a flight risk looks at whether you have a history of failure to appear. Do you come to court or not? It’s tough, because as a bond motion attorney will tell you, we have no control over this aspect of your past history and all we can do is assure the court that with our involvement we will keep you informed of court dates so that you don’t miss them in the future.


A lot of times our bond motion lawyers are asked the question as to just how low we think we can get your bond and it always depends. Remember, every judge is different and the bond that one judge sets may be night and day from the bond another judge sets. A bond motion lawyer will do their best to put your bond motion in front of the best judge possible, however, always remember, judges change just as courtrooms do. It could be we scheduled you for the best possible judge to hear your case and instead we end up with a judge who has no interest in helping to reduce your bond.


If you or someone you know is in need of a bond motion, we recommend you speak with a top rated bond motion lawyer; their law firm continues to help people with bond motions and bond related issues.

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