Will Planning Lawyer Memphis, TN

Important Things to Know About Creating a Will

Will Planning Lawyer Memphis, TNWriting a will is obviously not the most pleasant of experiences, as most people tend to reject thinking about their mortality. Consequently, many people put off drafting a will. However, a will is an essential legal document that determines what happens to your belongings after your death. 

Despite the unpleasantness, writing a will and leaving clear instructions about how your estate should be divided is a consideration that many people wish to give to their loved ones. The will planning lawyers in Memphis, TN, from Patterson Bray,  strive to help you handle the delicate challenge of estate planning quickly and effortlessly.

What is a will?

Your last will and testament is the legal document that puts all of your final wishes on one piece of paper to help your loved ones avoid unnecessary hassles. It declares who will manage your estate when you pass away. An estate can be anything—a vehicle, a home, or even treasured items and valuables that you hold dear to your heart. An “executor” is a person you appoint to manage your estate, and he or she ensures that your last wishes are met. A will may include information regarding who will become the guardians of your minor children. It can direct that specific items be left to certain people. Any person that will receive property from your estate is called a “beneficiary.” In general, you should have a will. If you don’t, and you are interested in having one drafted, call a will planning lawyer in Memphis, TN.

What happens if I don’t have one?

If you die with no will in place, then your property becomes what is referred to as “intestate.” This means that the laws in the state where you live will dictate how your belongings are distributed. Probate is the process of distributing your property to your rightful heirs. When there is no will, a probate judge will typically appoint an administrator to oversee the process. The same can happen if a will does exist but is deemed invalid for any reason. Remember, a will needs to meet specific requirements to be valid, which is why drafting one with the help of an experienced and qualified will planning lawyer in Memphis, TN is essential. 

Where can I get help?

An experienced Memphis, TN will planning lawyer can provide crucial estate planning information and advice. An attorney can ensure that your will meets legal requirements set by the state in which you live. Although it may be depicted differently depending on where you look, it’s not as simple as putting pen to paper. You probably want the peace of mind in knowing that your assets will end up in the right hands, and you surely don’t want to leave a document behind that isn’t valid and puts additional stress and burden on your grieving loved ones. Bear in mind that if you have significant assets or special needs, an estate planning lawyer Memphis, TN has to offer can help you. 

At Patterson Bray, we’re dedicated to helping people and their families prepare for the future. During an emotionally difficult time, the last thing you want is your family to have to worry about your personal belongings and who gets what. Contact our will planning lawyers in Memphis, TN  today and set up a consultation to find out how a will can make things easier for you and your family.