Document titled "wrongful death law" with gavel next to itWrongful Death Lawyer Memphis, TN

As a wrongful death lawyer in Memphis, TN knows, losing a loved one is not easy. When their death was due to the actions of another party, it is even more painful and difficult to process. With a trusted lawyer’s help, like one from Patterson Bray, you can navigate the claims process with support and guidance as you and your family copes with your loss. 

What qualifies as a wrongful death case? 

A wrongful death is when an individual dies as a result of another person’s actions. If the death was caused by deliberate or negligent actions, the family of the deceased individual can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the at-fault party. The family may be able to recover compensation to cover the expenses brought on as a result of their loved one’s death. It is important to consult with a lawyer who has experience advocating for the families of deceased individuals to discover what your legal options are. 

What damages can I claim? 

There are similar damages awarded for both wrongful death cases and personal injury cases. However, for wrongful death cases claimants can also receive damages such as funeral costs, loss of companionship, medical expenses for the deceased, and others. Damages can be difficult to calculate, so if you need assistance, talk to a lawyer so that they can conduct accurate calculations. 

What are common types of wrongful death cases? 

A lawyer handles many types of wrongful death cases. It is a broad legal area that involves fatalities as a result of scenarios such as workplace accidents, medical malpractice, construction accidents, vehicle collisions and much more. Such fatal accidents are often the result of intentional or negligent acts. To see if your case qualifies as a wrongful death lawsuit, it is best to obtain urgent legal advice. 

Who can file a wrongful death case?

There are limitations to who is eligible to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In many states, the spouse, parent or child of a deceased individual can file a lawsuit. However, some exceptions apply which may allow other surviving relatives to take legal action. A lawyer can evaluate the circumstances of your situation and inform you if you are able to file a lawsuit.  

How long do I have to file a case? 

Claimants do not have much time to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In Tennessee, the statute of limitations is only one year. Because of this short time period, it is recommended that you explore your legal options as early as possible if you are thinking of filing a wrongful death lawsuit. 

Do I need to hire a lawyer? 

It is recommended to hire a wrongful death lawyer because wrongful death cases are often challenging and complex. They can involve multiple parties, and preparing a case can be difficult for the average person to handle. A lawyer is familiar with the legal system and understands the strategies that will increase your chances of obtaining the outcome that you want. 

To receive urgent legal assistance if you have recently lost a loved one, consult with a Memphis, TN-based wrongful death lawyer like one at Patterson Bray PLLC so you can learn more about your options.