Construction Zone Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Construction Zone Accident Lawyer Memphis, TN

Here at Patterson Bray our team of construction zone accident lawyers in Memphis, TN have helped construction workers recover from some of the most excruciating and costly injuries. We understand that working in the construction field is one of the most risky jobs you can have in America. Thousands of workers are injured or killed every year due to the dangerous nature of the job. Statistically, about one in every five fatalities in the workplace includes a construction worker. If you are a construction worker who was seriously injured, then the time to meet with a member of our legal team is now. 

Two Main Causes of Construction Injuries

Construction injuries most frequently happen due to a couple reasons. Firstly, the worker’s employer may lack proper safety protocols or failed to enforce them. Employers have an obligation to their employees to provide a safe and risk-free environment to the fullest extent possible. While a construction accident lawyer in Memphis, TN  knows construction workers do have a more dangerous job, this doesn’t mean that injuries should be accepted as norm. Secondly, a third party such as a product manufacturer could be responsible for a worker’s injury if an accident occurred from faulty or malfunctioning tools. 

As a TN construction zone accident lawyer in Memphis may inform you, both a third party and your employer could share responsibility in your accident happening. For instance, perhaps your employer failed to provide you with sufficient safety gear and a piece of equipment you were using had caught on fire. We may recommend seeking compensation from both parties in an effort to reap maximum compensation.

Third Party Liability

Depending on the circumstances of the construction accident, we may recommend suing the manufacturer of the defective equipment for restitution. Other third-parties who could be responsible are contractors (general and sub), building owners, and architects. These individuals or entities are obligated to:

  • Check that a product is designed and manufactured safely
  • Warn visitors and workers on the job site of potential hazards
  • Establish safety protocols, enforce them, and provide protective equipment that works
  • Coordinate job safety for construction employees working on a specific project
  • Check that every safety specification is followed

Equipment that is often found on a construction site that could contribute to an accident include scaffolding, hoists, power tools, ladders, woodworking tools, graters, conveyors, bulldozers, trucks, gas detectors, boilers, forklifts, and more. Inform your Tennessee construction zone accident lawyer if your injury accident involved any of these equipment, or something similar. 

Our team of lawyers can help you or a loved one who has suffered greatly from a construction accident. Your first consultation is free, so we hope to tell you more about our services and how we can be of assistance. In preparation for your appointment, please bring with you any documentation, photographs, and other types of proof so we can do a thorough and accurate case evaluation.

We advise taking action quickly by contacting a Tennessee construction zone accident lawyer in Memphis at Patterson Bray as soon as you can.