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If you have been hit by a drunk driver and sustained personal injuries, you need the help of a drunk driving lawyer in Memphis, TN from Patterson Bray. Drunk drivers can put others in serious jeopardy, as being intoxicated can severely impair functions like motor skills, decision making, and distance perception. Those who have been hit by a drunk driver may now have to deal with painful injuries, medical bills, insurance companies, and the financial toll of vehicle repairs. If the drunk driver was at-fault for the collision, the other driver may be entitled to receive a fair amount of compensation in order to get back onto his or her feet. While most drivers know what to do if an accident were to happen, they may not be sure how to respond if the other driver appears drunk. A car accident lawyer Memphis, TN relies on knows just how severe these accidents can be.

Those who have been hit by a drunk driver, may be filled with questions about what to do next:

What are signs that the driver may be drunk?

If you feel that something is not right about the other driver, then you are probably right. A drunk driver may get out of the vehicle and stumble, have incoherent speech, seem confused, reek of alcohol, and appear disheveled. Whether the driver appears drunk or not, call 9-1-1 for help. A drunk driver may even tip into anger and hostility, so you do not have to exchange information if you feel unsafe. An arrest of the driver may be necessary, which the officer can handle as you receive medical care for potential injuries.

What information should I provide in my statement?

The officer is likely to ask you to state what happened as you experienced it for an official report. When sharing your story, stick to facts, do not state blame, do not accept blame, and refrain from saying that you were not injured. When you are the victim in a car accident, even minor collisions can cause neck and back pain or other injuries. However, a drunk driving lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee knows that your body may surge into fight or flight mode due to the traumatic event, which means the adrenaline can hide your injuries until we have had a chance to calm down. If you do have noticeable injuries, be sure to express these to the officer. Once you have given a statement, ask the officer how you can obtain a copy of the accident report for your own records.

How impactful can witnesses be for a car accident?

A Memphis, TN drunk driving lawyer knows that witnesses can have a hugely influential role in the outcome of insurance claims and lawsuits. If you decide to sue the drunk driver for medical bills, vehicle repairs, loss of pay from missing work and other damages, having unbiased witness statements can be incredibly supportive to your case. If a bystander rushes over to help at the scene to make sure everyone is okay, they may be willing to share their information with you. People who want to help others, often want to see that justice is found too. You do not have to get a statement from the witness in the moment, since things may be too chaotic. Your lawyer can contact the person the next day to ask questions.

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