Healthcare Directive Lawyer Memphis, TN

Healthcare Directive Lawyer Memphis, TNThere are several effective strategies that a healthcare directive lawyer in Memphis, TN might use so your wealth is managed properly and given to the correct beneficiaries. An estate plan is recommended for not only wealthy individuals, but anyone who has money and owns assets and personal property such as a house. Having legal documents set up before one’s passing can prevent a lot of legal complications. Determining which of your property goes to certain beneficiaries can prevent problems such as family members arguing over their share. An additional document that can supplement your estate plan is a healthcare directive, which pertains to your preferred medical treatment in the event of a serious health condition that affects your ability to communicate. For legal advice on healthcare directives, speaking to a lawyer such as one from Patterson Bray Attorneys, PLLC may help you decide how to approach your larger estate planning strategy. 

Healthcare directive lawyer in Memphis, TN 

You may be wondering why a healthcare directive is an important part of your estate planning. If you are ever incapacitated, a healthcare directive is a document (or compilation of documents) that states explicit instructions about your preferred future medical treatment and care. A Memphis, TN estate planning lawyer can explain that if done early, a medical directive can ensure that important decisions made on your behalf align with your preferences. Advance care planning is crucial for ensuring that your healthcare decisions are acknowledged and followed. In this document you can outline your values and wishes regarding your care. The document can be updated in case your preferences evolve over time. 

You want to make sure you speak to your trusted loved ones about establishing a directive before you appoint them as key decision-makers involved in your healthcare matters. It takes the burden off of loved ones and medical professionals, keeping them from having to do guesswork over what treatments to administer. 

Documents for Advance Care Planning 

An advance healthcare directive is a legal document that contains your expressed statements about your healthcare decisions. Your loved ones can refer to this document in the event you are incapacitated. While there are other documents that can be part of an advance directive, the following documents are the primary components:

  • Living will. This written document provides information to your loved ones and medical team regarding your preferred medical treatment and procedures during an emergency. They can refer to this document if you are dying or are rendered unconscious and unable to communicate. Before you work on crafting a living will, you should consult with your healthcare professionals about the medical treatments you want and don’t want. 
  • Power of attorney for healthcare. This legal document names a health care proxy, or a person you appoint who will act as your surrogate and make healthcare decisions for you if you are unable. They can make decisions throughout any ongoing treatment you may have in the future. 

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Healthcare directives are just one component of estate planning strategies, and it can be a lot to determine on your own. Contact a healthcare directive lawyer that the Memphis, Tennessee community knows and trusts today.