Highway Construction Negligence Lawyer Memphis, TN

Highway Construction Negligence Lawyer Memphis, TNMillions of drivers travel through roads such as freeways and highways each day. As high traffic areas, they will need intermittent repairs and improvements over the years. Road construction is essential, but introduces new traffic hazards for passing vehicles, and increases the risk of an accident occurring. The presence of construction workers, large heavy machinery, and fewer lanes make road construction zones more dangerous for both workers and drivers. Victims involved in construction accidents often experience injuries, resulting in lost income and costly medical bills. An experienced and skilled lawyer like one from Patterson Bray can assist you with quality legal help to start your claim. 

Highway Construction Negligence Lawyer Memphis TN

Construction accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Drivers must navigate many confusing signs and adjust to sudden lane changes and traffic patterns, all while in close proximity to tools and dangerous machinery. Inattentive or impatient drivers can make construction zones especially hazardous, and can cause accidents that result in mild to severe injuries. Sometimes, a construction company fails to provide sufficient signs or safely secure a construction area properly. No matter the severity of an injury, victims have the right to pursue legal action against the negligent party at the fault of an accident, as a Memphis, TN car accident lawyer can explain. To learn what steps you can take to file a claim, it may help to contact an attorney who can extensively evaluate evidence for your case. 

What To Do During a Car Accident

Going through an auto accident may be frightening, especially if the accident was at a construction site. You may not be sure what to do immediately after an accident. There are some guidelines you should follow in the event of an accident:

  • Inform a law enforcement official. It is your responsibility to notify law enforcement of an accident. Stay in your vehicle and call 911 so the proper authorities are alerted. After a police report has been created, it’s helpful to obtain a copy of the document at the police station for your record. 
  • Receive medical care. It’s important that you opt to receive a medical evaluation after experiencing an accident, regardless if you sustain an injury or not. One reason is that if you refuse medical treatment, insurance companies may dismiss your claim. A medical report by a physician or healthcare provider can be used as evidence in your case.  
  • Obtain witness contact info. If you are able, get the contact info of any drivers or construction workers involved at the site. You should also collect witness statements if possible.

Determine the Value of Your Claim

Construction accidents can be challenging to go through, but there are options for you so that you can determine the value of your claim and receive compensation. Be wary of any claims that assure you of automatic compensation following an accident. If you are thinking of exploring your legal options after experiencing an accident, set up a consultation with a highway construction negligence lawyer that Memphis, Tennessee trusts today.