Interesting Medical Malpractice Series from Local Doctor

Medical Malpractice Series

The Memphis Commercial Appeal had an interesting two-part series about medical malpractice lawsuits written by a local doctor and regular columnist, Dr. Manoj Jain.  He wrote the article from the perspective of recognizing the need for the accountability provided by our medical malpractice system vs. just having had one of his patients send him notice of potential malpractice claim.

While I don’t agree with everything he writes in the two columns, Dr. Jain provides unusually thoughtful, balanced insight for a doctor who is hardly a neutral observer in the fray.  Indeed, he ultimately concludes that the most effective tort reform is simply this: better care and communication by doctors.

How refreshing.  And well worth the read.

Part 1: Threat of Malpractice Lawsuits Means Medicine is a Balancing Act

Part 2: Good Doctor-Patient Relationship Reduces Lawsuits

FYI: Jain also previously wrote an article in 2007 about medical errors and the need for lawyers and lawsuits to hold doctors accountable.

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