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If you believe you have found yourself in a legal matter involving a power of attorney dispute, or you need a power of attorney drafted, you should consult a lawyer who handles power of attorney in Memphis, TN. 


Power of Attorney Litigation


As an estate-related legal matter, these types of cases tend to be rife with emotional attachments and an overwhelming amount of stress. Long term complications can result when one of the involved parties does not get their intended outcome. A good lawyer for power of attorney in Memphis, TN knows this and should make every effort to resolve the case in the best way possible. 


A power of attorney gives a named party the ability to make decisions on behalf of another person. When the named person fails to adhere to their duties and obligations, a dispute can arise. A lawyer for a power of attorney in Memphis, TN, such as one from Patterson Bray, can represent those who believe the named party acted negligently as well as the accused. 


Any situation involving abuse or mismanagement of a power of attorney can be devastating to the person who initially drafted the power of attorney, as well as any family members. A good estate and probate lawyer Memphis, TN trusts can represent all those involved in court, or through arbitration and mediation. 

Reasons for a Power of Attorney to Come Into Effect

A power of attorney can be used for a number of reasons. In general, it will come into effect when it is specified to do so. This specification should be directed by the drafter, also known as the grantor. A few examples may include:

  • The grantor becomes incapactiated and is no longer able to make decisions for themselves
  • The grantor experienced a diminished mental capacity because of a sudden brain injury
  • The grantor is diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimers

In the aforementioned examples, the grantor may no longer be able to care for themselves or make decisions for their care and wellbeing. When this happens, the power of attorney may come into effect and the named caregiver may now have a duty to make those decisions on the grantors behalf.

It must be noted that a power of attorney in Memphis, TN should be drafted and reviewed by an estate lawyer. The reason for this is that if anything is missing or not in place, the document may be considered invalid. For example, if a person drafts their own power of attorney that requests them to be taken off life support after an accident, but they failed to include their signature, it may not be valid. In this tragic case, they would likely be kept on life support – something that would be against their wishes. This example has happened time and time again; therefore, when you need a  power of attorney in Memphis, TN, please turn to Patterson Bray. 


Whether you are in a dispute with another person over a power of attorney or you are ready to draft your own power of attorney in Memphis, Tennessee, turn to the experienced estate lawyers from Patterson Bray.