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When would someone need the help of an insurance disputes attorney that Memphis, Tennessee trusts? People purchase insurance to protect their homes, cars, boats, furniture, and other possessions. Insurance is even purchased to cover health and life itself. It is designed to provide security and peace of mind. Unfortunately, when it comes time to file an insurance claim, many people learn that their sense of security is a false one.

Insurance companies are in business to make a profit, and some companies find that it is in their best interest to deny coverage, or to engage in tactics which constitute bad faith.

On the other side of the coin, it is sometimes a tactic to secure a quick settlement to avoid significant future costs. It is not unusual for such settlements to occur before the policyholder even knows the full extent of his or her injuries or losses, and sometimes as a result of undue pressure exercised by the insurance company to settle quickly. This is where a Memphis insurance disputes attorney from Patterson Bray can help you.

Steps to Take If Your Car Insurance Claim Was Denied

If you’ve paid your car insurance premiums every month and your recent claim has been denied, you likely feel frustrated and angry. After all, what’s the point of having insurance if you can’t even use it? However, that doesn’t mean you have to accept your insurance company’s decision without a fight. Insurance companies are in the business of making money and look for reasons to deny claims. Here are the steps you should take if your car insurance claim was denied:

  1. Determine Why Your Claim Is Denied

Before you do anything, you have to figure out why your insurer denied your claim in the first place. Contact your insurance company and find out exactly why you were denied. It can also be very helpful to begin this step by seeking help from our insurance disputes attorney in Tennessee. Insurers can deny car insurance claims for a variety of different reasons. For example, if you didn’t have sufficient coverage for the type of accident you were in, they may deny your claim. If you get into the accident with a new car that you didn’t add to your policy, it’s also a cause for a denial. However, insurance companies do make mistakes sometimes. They have to sort through countless claims every week and errors can happen. It’s worth finding out if that’s the case with your claim.

  1. Put Together Evidence

If you believe your insurance company wrongly denied your car insurance claim, you must provide evidence that supports that. When gathering evidence, turn to an insurance disputes attorney that Memphis, TN trusts. For instance, if your insurance company has denied your claim because they believe you were the one at fault, provide photos of the accident scene, witness statements, and medical records. If you keep your facts straight and organize your information, you may have a better chance of proving to your insurer that they are in the wrong.

  1. File Your Appeal

Once you have gathered all the necessary information needed to prove your claim, it’s time to file the appeal. Make sure to complete the paperwork accurately with as much detail as possible and don’t forget to include all your evidence. Many insurance companies have deadlines for filing these appeals, so you should file yours as soon as possible. When in doubt about the deadline, your Memphis insurance disputes attorney can help.

The law requires that an insurance company act in good faith towards its policyholders by fairly and adequately reimbursing its policyholders for damages and losses incurred. And when a company puts profit ahead of its legal duties, the law permits suits against the company requiring it to honor the insurance contract, and further allowing an award of up to 25% in additional damages if it is determined that the company acted in “bad faith” under applicable law.

Talk With an Insurance Disputes Attorney in Memphis, TN Today!

While it’s possible to appeal your car insurance denial on your own, having a Memphis, TN insurance disputes attorney on your side can make things easier. A skilled lawyer can help you fill out the paperwork efficiently and accurately, gather evidence, communicate with your insurance company on your behalf, and even take your case to trial. An insurance disputes lawyer from Patterson Bray will work hard to help you recover the money you deserve and prevent your insurance company from taking advantage of you. With a trusted lawyer on your side, you will feel better about making your appeal.

If your car insurance claim was recently denied, schedule a consultation with Patterson Bray as soon as possible. Our insurance dispute attorneys would be honored to review your insurance case free of charge. Please either submit an online request for a Free Case Review, or call to set up a consultation at 901-372-5003. We have offices in Nashville and Memphis, TN. Don’t hesitate any longer. Reach out to a Memphis insurance disputes attorney from Patterson Bray now!