Tips for Filing an Injury Claim After a Car AccidentTips for Filing an Injury Claim After a Car Accident

If you suffered a substantial injury in a car accident, you may be planning to file an injury claim with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Before you proceed, you may be best served by hiring a Memphis personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray. We have helped many Memphis, Tennessee community members with their claims, and this resulted in the receiving substantial settlements. When an injury victim files an injury claim on their own, insurance companies have a habit of not taking their claims seriously. As a result, they may offer a very low settlement, or deny the claim altogether. Our Memphis personal injury lawyer can protect your right to receive fair compensation for your damages.

What is an injury claim?

A personal injury claim is a demand for compensation that a victim files with an insurance company that represents the person who caused the victim’s injury. It can be filed by the victim, or it can be filed by the victim’s personal injury lawyer in Memphis. When Patterson Bray represents a client who was injured by a negligent driver, we will often file the claim if it has not already been submitted. This way we can make sure that all of the relevant information is included and that a full accounting of the client’s damages has been made. Otherwise, the victim may not receive as much compensation as they deserve.

What should be included in the injury claim?

In the claim, it’s necessary that you detail how the accident happened as well as how your injury occurred. The claim should be clear but concise. It should also include the following:

  • Details about what led up to the car accident and who was responsible for causing it, and why they were responsible.
  • The severity of your injury, and your doctor’s prognosis for recovery. If this is a serious injury that will require costly medical treatment, you should include copies of your medical records. Your Memphis personal injury lawyer from Patterson Bray can detail what information should be included and what medical documentation should be released to the insurance company.
  • Proof of liability on the part of the insurance company’s client. This might include photos of the accident scene and other evidentiary documentation such as video footage of the damages, eyewitness testimony, etc. Again, your lawyer from Patterson Bray can work with you on this.
  • A detailed accounting of what damages you suffered as a result of the accident, including injuries and treatment costs. It should also include such costs as the job earnings you have not received while recovering from your injury. If you require medical devices such as crutches, a wheelchair, a shower bench, or other items, the cost to rent or purchase them should also be included.

If the Insurance Company Denies Your Injury Claim

It’s not unusual for an insurance company to deny an injury claim, if only because they wish to limit their losses. If your claim was denied, contact a personal injury lawyer in Memphis, Tennessee, because they may be able to resubmit the claim with additional supporting documentation that will reverse the company’s decision.

If you would like to know more about how our Memphis personal injury lawyer can assist you in getting compensation for your injury, call Patterson Bray for a free consultation today!